Why self-esteem is important?

Why self-esteem is important?

You have heard the word “self-esteem“, which is relatable with self-respect and self-confidence.  Do you believe that you have self-esteem quality?  Who must be lacking self-esteem? What can be the possible reasons for it? The good news is, you can try to regain self-esteem by following simple things. Self-esteem is the quality which can be higher or lower, but it is important to balance it.  In short, it has the essential ingredients to shape up the character of a person in a way to know self- worth.


Self-esteem is widely affected by the surrounding people and circumstances.  The strong personality can keep the stable self-esteem irrespective of the affective things.  When an individual receives respect from others, self-esteem is believed to rise. We cannot expect respect from others all the time, this is where self-love is much required. Self-love or self-respect will boost up self-esteem which can keep the negative energies away.

Parents and teachers play an important role in developing self-esteem quality in the child. Consistent appreciation and encouragement will clay out a positive personality. Mistakes and failures should be explained clearly by providing advice rather than any violence attempt. The balanced positive and negative reactions from others and responses from self, constructs the person into high self-esteem.

High Self-Esteem

High Self-Esteem

High self-esteem people know, how to behave in a society. They do not want anyone around them to get hurt by their actions. They have empathy for others. They know their flaws. Hence, they can work on it to improve themselves. Certain times, due to the unexpected events of life, these people can become unstable. On the contrary, they persevere to stabilize their self-esteem within a few days. They do not feel sensitive towards the criticism. They have a sense of understanding about which critics needs to be taken seriously for the improvement and which ones to be avoided. Due to their confident behavior, they generally take initiative in taking responsibilities and performing tasks.

Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem


Low self-esteem is frequently found in many mentally ill patients. Unhealthy self-esteem can be found in children who are physically and mentally abused. Many children feel ashamed of themselves because the elders and others make them believe it.  These children have higher chances of possessing low self-esteem in the adolescence.  It can affect their adulthood relationships and career. They do not believe in themselves which results in low self-confidence. Doubting nature can invite anxiety and depression. We can find anxiety and depression in a few chronically ill people too. It is obvious for these patients to have low levels because it’s not easy for them to get through a normal day.  Some people can trust anyone easily whilst others may have a problem in trusting people. Due to this nature, it is not possible for them to judge people’s intention.  An adult having stable esteem can lose it because of being smeared. Addiction is one of the cause to lower self-esteem. People who get addicted to dreadful substances thinking it will give happiness are walking on a wrong path. This can lower their esteem by keeping them dependent on the substance usage.

Inflated Self-Esteem

Inflated Self-Esteem

If we only appreciate about the accomplishments of a person, then the person will develop into an Inflated Self-Esteem behavior. It is detrimental because the person feels superior to all. They are neither self-worthy nor receive genuine respect from others. Such people can create a dysfunctional family. There is a probability to develop narcissism disorder. A person who believes financial status is the sign of being successful has the habit of self-praising about wealth affairs. This can lead the person to offend others.  Generally, we can see several men having egoism behavior. Ego is one of the major element of Inflated self-esteem. Addiction can also play part in this third dimension of self-esteem.  Addiction changes the person into anger mood. They start ruling others and expect everyone to listen to them.

How to develop Self-Esteem?

How to develop Self-Esteem?



By now, you have read the three main aspects describing the self-esteem. We can now look at the methods of developing the balanced self-esteem which will help us to be confident at the workplace, to solve the issues in our family efficiently and to react positively in order to believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving things.

1] Whenever you are lost in negative thoughts, do not let your mind hurt your feelings and create assumptions. You need to understand that the excess of thoughts will harm the present reality. So, take care of your thought process.

2] As long as you are living a healthy life, do not let your mind to absorb the criticism about your body size from others.

3] Living with a chronic illness is not an easy peasy thing. Don’t care what other people say about you. Appreciate yourself for passing the day with all the strong willpower.

4] We keep reading, “Stop comparing yourself with others.” It is not easy for everyone to follow this thought. But, what we can do is just focus on yourself. If you think you are less than others, then try to come up with new or different thing which will enhance your satisfaction.  Being happy with yourself and your work is more important than whether anyone notices it or not.

5] With the low confidence, you can take little steps at a time until your esteem has risen. When you feel you cannot do what everyone else does, give it a try. Remember everything happens for the first time. If you don’t succeed at the first time, you can try it multiple times.  Someday you will succeed in something.

6] Low self-esteem can enervate the person during challenging times. The simples thing that we read a lot and hear a lot but we may fail to practically follow it up. Exercise daily. Eat healthy food daily. Intake sufficient water daily. Doing these three tasks impact on your mood and thought quality.

7] The right counseling and treatment can indeed help to develop your esteem levels.

8] Involve yourself in different outdoor activities and spend some time developing hobbies.

9] Do not dominate and abuse others to show your superiority. 

10]Avoid negative memories. Try to reminisce only good memories.

Never fester imbalanced esteem, it can lead to an unhealthy mind and devalued personality. On another hand, no one would like to have mental and health disorders which can have diverse undesirable effects.





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  1. Yes, I always try to keep my self esteem high. I find I have more energy when I do so. I always hope my kids have high self esteem as well!

  2. Great topic for sure. I love how you detailed the different types of Self-Esteem, this is amazing and thank you.

  3. I’ve always been struggling with self-esteem and I think I’m getting better. This is an amazing post. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great way to break down the different types of self esteem. Didn’t realize there was that many types. Thanks for the info.

  5. Cindy Ingalls says:

    It’s so easy to fall into the troupe of comparison these days. It can have such an impact on lowering your self esteem or sabotaging your efforts to enjoy your life.

  6. Brittany Vantrease says:

    I think I’m a middle self-esteem person. While I’m confident about my abilities, I do worry about what others think.

  7. Gosh I hadn’t realised how important self-esteem is. I feel like social media doesn’t help πŸ™

  8. I have struggled with low self esteem for many years. It’s been a contributory factor to my diagnosis with anxiety and depression. Sometimes I have to tell myself that I did amazingly well just to get through the day.

    Great post.

  9. Cindy Gordon says:

    As long as we surround ourselves by people who care about us, it can be easy to get over our personal obstacles. It is so important!

  10. Alexandra Cook says:

    It is almost impossible to function in public without it. We all must overcome our fears with self esteem.

  11. Self esteem has had such a huge impact on my life. I always strive to have a healthy balance of self esteem

  12. Hannah Marie says:

    Self esteem is essential to almost everything that we do. I like reading this type of topics. You will always learn something new and interesting.

  13. I agree, self esteem is really important! It helps us know our worth. I wasn’t taught about self esteem in a good way back in my childhood because my parents always compare myself with others.

  14. Positive self esteem and self imagine is so important in how we view our selves. No one to compare is reminder not to compare ourselves to others. We are beautiful in our own uniqueness. Self love allows you to love others. Great article!

  15. You, Me and Benny says:

    This is so true! I didn’t know there were that many forms either!!

  16. Great post! It’s really important to have self-esteem in order to face life’s daily challenges. Life is a bumpy ride. Not everyone knows how to handle stressful situations. Thanks for sharing!


  17. My self-esteem was something I had a lot of trouble with growing up. It took a long time to be able to accept myself as I am. It’s a tough journey.

  18. People often get caught between emotional care & self esteem. I agree with all the facts you mentioned here!

  19. I always try to keep my self-esteem high. In case I feel low, I usually go for running and it helps me a lot!

  20. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    Well self esteem should also be balanced as too much of it leads to over confidence.

  21. I suffered from low self-esteem until I got to love my self. That’s where all the confidence came rushing into my being!

  22. Elizabeth O says:

    At different periods in life, our self esteem is called into question. We can use it as an opportunity for growth and learn to adapt to situations with humor and humility… That’s life. Your points are helpful too.

  23. This was an interesting read as you went into detail about self esteem. I try to have good self esteem as I find inflative self esteem very unhealthy. It can hurt you at the end as it isn’t reality.

  24. Great post! So many people struggle with self-esteem issues and this post would really help someone working through that <3

  25. You make some really good points. There are also innate factors that can affect self esteem such as temperament and inherited personality.

  26. I feel our self esteem should always be high… I try to teach the same to my kids… Hope everyone around us does the same πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ

  27. Low self esteem can cause major damages. It’s important to have some self esteem

  28. modlphotography says:

    Thanks for this helpful information about self esteem. It’s so important to check in with yourself and see where you lie on this spectrum. I think it can definitely ebb and flow as well.

  29. I really like this, very informative. I have guest posts about wellness and mental health and love to read about psychology often

  30. Mine tends to waver, I deal with low self-esteem often but I am trying my best to work on changing that.

  31. You did a great job with this post. I struggled with my self-esteem for a while and I’m still working on it.

  32. I personally think our society suffers from inflated self esteem and low self esteem due to the new tech age. We see all these ideal forms of beauty and the young developing generation end up form a biased opinion of what they believe beauty is. I do hope we can all help to change this and focus on self love and work on our self esteem as a society.

    XO Andie

  33. I agree that self esteem is very important to complete a job and get success in it.

  34. Everything On A Plate says:

    We completely agree! It is essetial we work on our self esteem

  35. A lot of great info about self esteem. Everyone can get some positive take away out of this article.

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