Why is the Indian education system criticized very often?

I woke up to this mail notification. This was the question asked to me on Quora and I wrote my opinion as below:

Indian Education system is categorized into a hierarchical model. The same hierarchy draws the respect level for the students accordingly.

Playschools :
Only the branded Playschool students get more attention.
All the parents discuss about their kids playschool everywhere. Parents like to show off the brand of their kid’s playschool. Parents change their kid’s preschool and playschool each year depending on which brand is working best for that year.
The amount of fees spent in this school is expensive. These schools of-course provide multi-activities. But, is it worth to charge such huge amount for these little babies? Playschool is also one of the top business which will have promising profit for the playschool owners.

Primary / High School:
State Board , CBSE, International Board.
These three category students receive respect according to their board levels.
Again, there is a fight between the school brands in the respective board.
During my school days, suddenly one fine year, I noticed many state board students moved to CBSE board. Few CBSE students moved to International board. All state board students were feeling inferior to other boards. Whenever another top level board student is passing by, the lower level board would look at them like “Haww these people are high-class .” On the contrary, top level board students looked at lower level as a cheap people.

College/ University:
There are high end good looking architectural buildings and there are expensive donation charts. There are branded college and universities according to city, state, and country.

IIT/ IIM / Abroad:

The gods stay here. The brand stays forever with your life. The struggle is hard to get into this institute and so is the pressurized student life to carry that tag.

Education was created to provide literacy. Education was created to provide knowledge and help people. Ancestors fought hard to make education available to all.
What Govt and Brands did with it?
They let the education divide us all. From the playschool to the top education levels, everywhere we all are divided. We get seats according to caste in some places. We get seats according to our financial status at most places. We are taught to treat people according to their standard of education institutes. We have the companies that will give the salaries according to the branding. Very few will look out for the pure talent. Parents will keep struggling in earning money and making sure their kids are learning in the right institute. Students get the job and spend some years repaying the loan. Of-course, there are good pays and good promotion according to the positions and qualifications. But, do we really need to spend most of our life in earning and paying for education?

Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, any other profession, any other business:
Everyone is so busy in earning money. Somewhere we are losing the meaning of basic human discipline, the humanity. Some of us are misusing the education and luring the people in the name of raising the bank account.

Not to forget the caste reservation system. Then the cut off rules and multi-divisions in the schools/colleges to remind the students who are the smartest and who are the dumest. Wish all students were treated equally instead of labeling them.

Education is valuable and the teachers need the payment to survive. There is no doubt in it. That’s fair. What’s unfair is, creating imbalance and inequality among the learners. Even before the word “Knowledge”, the “Finance” word comes into the picture.

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