When not to tell someone to be happy!

When not to tell someone to be happy!

Once in a while it might happen for you to be involved in a conversation wherein your friend or someone close to you will use the phrases of “ be happy”. It often happens to see someone always reminding the philosophical lines of be happy and sometimes one will also mention how God is there for all of us , so just be happy. Ahh! So much of redundancy with the word be happy right? Who does not want to be happy? Each one of us have only goal irrespective of our different goals. “To live a happy life.”

At times, there is a feeling of bashing at such people who keep throwing up philosophical happy lines and make you feel that you don’t have happy hormones , you need to be happy happy. Patience times, you decide to be calm down and gulp in such free advices and just say yes yes and let it go. None of us wants to be sad or angry or depressed all the time. All of us want to be happy. Naturally, the ways of being happy differ from each other.

Being concerned for someone and wishing happiness for them is a kind gesture. Reminding them to be happy in their life is a good reminder. What cannot be good then? When the person is really surrounded with the problems or there is real depressing things happening, then let the person go through the relative emotions. You cannot just force the happy emotion out of someone. You can do it with robots forceful readymade emotions. Humans! Humans need to experience emotions , feel it and express it and take their own time to be happy again.

When someone dies, some of the people who are close to that person or who knows that person will start preaching to others: be happy in your life. Well, this will not work out. Just because someone dies , you cannot ask everyone to live a happy life before they die too. All of us live different life. There going to be ups and downs in life. We cannot just carry robotic 100% grin teeth and say everything is all right. We don’t have to force everyone else to be happy all the time. At the most, if someone is really a big complainer or creating a big issue which does not even look like an issue, you can tell them to calm down and help them to sort it out. No need to compare someone else’s death to someone else is life.

When you are having a better life and someone else is not having the same good life, then don’t tell them that you are happy having everything so “be happy, you will see good days.
Again, saying:”Be happy like me.” Isn’t it ridiculous? You are happy does not mean someone who has lost everything should be happy too with their life.

There should be a logical sense of asking someone to enjoy the life. Look at their situation, understand it , help them out, motivate them but don’t show them the picture that they are sad and so just be happy.

When someone confronts about their life problems with you does not mean they are weak. Sometimes all of us require a listener. Don’t build an image that they are weak personality. Thereby, stop reminding consistently to them to be happy in their life.

Remember, no one needs the reminder to be happy. It is all the chaos of the life that drags us away and we are fighting against the odd of our life or the world to achieve our happiness in some or other form.

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  1. I agree with everything that you have said here, and this is so true! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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