When Maya meets Aruj


Maya sits in the airport gate after finishing her second Coffee.  The flight is delayed by 2 hours. She feels there won’t be many passengers for this gate as the waiting passengers are quite less. There is a guy sitting next to next of her seat.  At the end of the row, an old beard man is reading a newspaper.

She moves her eyes here and there observing things while passing the time.
She sees a guy beside her is bending down and trying to tie the knot of shoelace often. As she observes more clearly, she realizes he has only one hand. He is unable to tie the knot with one hand.

Maya moves bit forward thinking to help him out. But, she sits back with the thought of maybe the guy won’t accept her help.  She understands that he must be knowing how to tie the knot with one hand but right now he is unable to do it. She is aware that not everyone likes to get help. Some may interpret it as sympathy. She waits for a minute.
She takes out a plucker from her bag which is kept on the next seat.


Maya: Excuse me!
Aruj: Yes.
Maya: Please do not take me in the wrong way but this plucker can be useful. (She tries to handover the plucker)
Aruj does not accept it.
Aruj: I did not get you. What do you mean?
Maya: I had been watching, you trying to tie the knot. I would have helped you out but you may not like it. So, here is a plucker. You can just hold the lace and put them inside the shoes from beside.
Aruj: hahaaa.. why would I put it inside? Shoelaces are supposed to be a knot. Yes, I can walk on these shoes without the knot but it would look clumsy.
Maya: Well, it won’t. You don’t have to follow the standard shoelace knot pattern.
j: But, everyone follows the same.
Maya: You don’t have to be like everyone. We don’t have to fit into something that is already standardized. We can be just the way we are comfortable in.

Aruj smiles and takes the plucker.
He uses it to put the lace inside the shoes and gives the plucker back to her.
Maya: You can keep it with you. See, it’s so simple. Why make it complicated right?

Both of them giggle.
When Aruj meets Maya, life becomes much simpler.

When Maya meets Aruj

Things To Remember:

# Not all people like to take help so always ask politely.
# Preferably, give them something to do it by themselves.
# No one needs to depend on someone for the manageable things unless it is necessary.


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  1. This is a great post and it makes you think about people’s personalities and approaches. As yo say not everyone wants help and learning for yourself or being given the tools to do it is always a good thing

  2. As always read you cause me so much pleasure and much reflection. You have a talent for writing.

  3. Helping someone help themselves is the best thing.

  4. another great writing piece you got here! it is really good for reflection too!

  5. I think that deep inside people do want to be helped when they struggle with something, and we should always offer our help if we see someone struggling with something. It’s always appreciated.

  6. Such a great piece! I like how you added a things to remember section, so important for our own reflection!

  7. Amazing story! I love how you use stories to convey a message, looove it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    very nice story! I liked reading it. Keeping it simple is the best way for me

  9. Haha…I can already make sense of the story. First meet-ups always seem to be unexpected but…worth the memory!

  10. Definitely food for thought. It’s nice to offer help, but not everyone will want it or accept it, so it does give you pause as to whether or not to offer.

  11. This short story reminded me of how I met my man. Though we met in an airport but not through a plucker but some other incident.

    P.S my nickname is Maya too..

  12. Hahah nice story and great message of being kind and helpful. I really do hope there are people like this in the world. Gives me hope for the next generation. Thanks for sharing your lovely short story!

    Xo Andie

  13. I love this story since it has a moral value to it. Not everyone will except when we offer help but there is always a way to it.

  14. I’m the type of person who always asks if I can help, but I try to do it discreetly if others are around. I’m really good at reaching things on the shelf at the store, even though I’m 5’4 and if I need help reaching something, I just ignore it because I don’t like to ask for help, but I’ll accept it if someone offers it.

    Great story!

  15. I like that she was respectful of his agency while helping him so that he wouldn’t feel like he was incapable! You bring up a very good point!

  16. Alexandra Cook says:

    You’re very right, not all people take kindly to being help. It’s always a good idea to ask first.

  17. I love when people do an act of kindness like this! It always makes my day when someone unexpectedly helps me out.

  18. That’s so cool here. I love the story. Truly we are all our own mold. We are like no one else and we have beauty inside us which is like no one else.

  19. All your points to remembers are so true!As you said not all people like to take help!Good work!

  20. I loved your short story, it relates a lot to me in my personal life. I love how there are life lessons also. Thank you for posting. x

  21. blair villanueva says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful post. Oh you write so well, so wordy.
    Can’t wait to read your next blog.

  22. I enjoyed this post as it shed light on how to approach someone that may need help but also providing insight on not fitting the norm! Awesome job

  23. I am also afraid to ask for help sometimes even if I know that I really need it. Lesson learnt

  24. It is always pleasant toread your articles because they are well written and the topics good. Thanks for sharing it! – Paolo

  25. I really enjoyed reading this post! I think teaching and allowing people to help themselves is very important! I also agree not everyone wants to be helped so it is important to ask gently!

  26. Waren Jean Go says:

    It’s surprising how a lot of people want to be helped but fail to be polite. Nice post you got here.

  27. It is very nice. I could picture the whole scene as reading.

  28. I like that you created a story to portray your advice. It is incredibly insightful and I, as a reader, feel more moved by it. Thanks for posting this.

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