When it comes to work, what kind of person are you?

When it comes to work, what kind of person are you?

When you read  the title, When it comes to work, what type of person are you?“, what first thing comes to your mind about yourself?
On the general basis, we often identify employees in the office as smart, lazy, workaholic and useless or waste fellow. But, what really matters for any task?

When we say work, it shall not be necessarily a typical office work. A work can be office related, music stream, an art based, house chores, Cooking, Mopping streets, Cleaning Toilet, any construction work, etc.  Work is basically any task that’s supposed to  complete in the time or is still in the ongoing process.

What factors do you need, while working?

work and time
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1] Interest

Do the work,you love
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Not many of us would love the given task. A person disliking the task may not give the best result but will manage somehow either with skills or under pressure to give the output. Most people work for the sake of producing the output which is acceptable. Working without interest can make the person feel drained in the routine life. We work for earning daily bread.But, sometimes if we do that only thing without involving ourselves in another activities, it can affect us mentally. Whenever we are in a position of doing the work with no interest, we shall do another thing in our life which will keep us happy. Another thing should not be necessary another work. It can be hobbies or spending time with your loved ones. A person interested in the taken particular work will give an excellent result. While we are doing a work with our own interest, we put in all the efforts and find different ways of coming up with a creative work. When we do the work of our own choice, we will complain less about the energy and time spend on it.



There is more to work than just speed
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Not everyone’s speed matches in all types of work. Speed may impress many people but, can we really consider speed as the best skill of a person?  It can be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, depending on how the work is being done.  Speed can help to finish the task beforehand. A person can have the best speed but the quality of work produced by him/her may not be accurate. In the same way, some people may work in slow motion but the quality of work is brilliant.

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Be it any work, for example, washing kitchen utensils at home or hotel. A dishwasher/person may wash the dishes fast but, the oiliness and the soap or liquid solution will remain on the dishes. In other way, person washing those dishes slowly may take up a little more time but, will clean efficiently. Hence, the quality of work will be appreciable. Some people can be good with faster speed and quality of work. Hence, we shall always balance the speed and quality together.

3]Presence of mind

stay focused and have presence of mind
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The ‘Presence of mind’ is the most crucial role in doing any task. While working, if we are lost thinking about someone else or something else then it can eventually affect the task too. One can be capable enough to produce good results but the absence of mind will not be much helpful.

4]Let the work be done!!!

A work can be related to a teamwork or an individual. With teamwork, sometimes there can be conflicts amongst each other. Its’s not a good habit of blaming each other.

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One must focus on the deadline and do the work instead of ending up with quarrels. Because at the end, what matters is, we must do the work on time. Whereas, it does not mean one must push all the work on other teammates and take no participation in finishing the project.

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It’s a responsibility of each person in the team to realise everyone must work equally.Hence, take the initiative and finish the work as early as possible. Working together brings out a better person & positive atmosphere.

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With any single person work, for example: in the family, one should focus on producing a better result. You shall not keep the balance sheet of who has done what amount of work & complain the same for the rest of the time. As the main thing should be, let the work get done !!!

It’s good to make the person realise their responsibility at home. But, don’t be mad at them by comparing them with yourself. The best method to make someone understand their responsibilities is that they must learn to live independent and everyone must help each other in the family. Being independent will help you take care of yourself in the alone times.

5] Time Management


time management

Last but not the least Time management plays the crucial role too. Being lazy or smart but finishing the work in the time including a better quality work is the best impression to create in the office. Finally, it’s always essential to improve yourself with required skills. Being clumsy will not fetch any good results. The one who does not manage the time are prone to face the unwanted consequences.

While you are striving to be successful, learn to balance life.

While we are trying to be successful, we should first learn to balance our life. The foremost vital element is ,”Health”. We need to balance our diet. We should find time for exercise. We need to manage the time to submit the work on time. Few tasks with the deadline is fine per day. Adding multiple tasks and trying to achieve everything in one day can invoke chaos in your mind. Maintain Journals to write down your task with the duration of time. To be successful in any form of work, the balance of emotions has to be maintained, thereby, balancing all other factors. This will hep you in having a calming personality in any situations.



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24 thoughts on “When it comes to work, what kind of person are you?

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  1. In these mothers are the topper in the performance chart.whether it is duty or their love for there children she does all the work with a big smile .
    Nice postπŸ‘

  2. I am the least motivated person I know and I always leave things til the last minute and then I work my hardest! I need to time manage better!

  3. I really like reading this post! I think being present at work and not allowing your personal life to interfere with your professional is key. Time management is something I’m learning still.

  4. Jasmine M says:

    I completely agree with you that there should be a balance in our lives if we want to be successful at work or with anything. I have noticed that when there isn’t a balance that’s when I lack interest, can’t focus, and I am not able to work as effectively as I should. When there’s a balance, things are able to go more smoothly at work and you’re able to get more things done efficiently for sure.

      1. I agree with you we all should have balance in our life. That’s a very beautiful post to read

  5. Great post, when I was working my manager once called me a robot as I just sit and plough through the work, these days I have so much going on I am all over the place until I can sit down and get on with my work x

  6. When it comes to work I woud definatly say being motviated is a big thing for sure! Thanks for sharing

  7. I am the one who can make it happen. I know how to put my mind behind everything I do and use my education to get things done!

  8. All of those affect the type of worker you are. As far as getting things done, I think if we can realize people have lives outside of the job it makes their work easier and better when we take that into consideration.

  9. My time management really needs to improve. I take my time doing things but I work the hardest under pressure

  10. Cristina Petrini says:

    Personally in me I discovered a change that I did not like, one in which I managed to distance myself once I returned to work alone.

  11. I am one of those people who is super organised, efficient and diligent in the work place, but can’t apply the same skill set to my home life for some reason!! Any tips on how to transfer these skills to my home life too!!??

    1. You can think of home tasks as job tasks. Give deadlines to your home tasks too. Maybe in that way , you will try to finish it on time πŸ˜‰

  12. vicky hallnewman says:

    sometimes its so hard to be motivated at work when you seem to be doing everyone elses work too.

  13. Interest is so key when it comes to work since it ensures your speed, presence of mind in doing the work and even the turnout. However, it really takes courage to follow interest especially when starting out.

  14. Interest and time management is important. For me I will work only I am interested to that otherwise I will make mistakes.

  15. Alexandra Cook says:

    If I am doing something I give it 100% or nothing. I do not do in between work.

  16. I definitely need to work on my time management. Sometimes I don’t focus on one thing at the time and I ended being very inneficiently and not using my time wisely

  17. Elizabeth O says:

    I think one important top of the list is to be professional in dealing with everything..Attitude is one main factor. When at work, it is important not to be affected with whatever is happening at your home..

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