What’s scarier?

What’s scarier ???
Not earning and living alone?
Earning for the ones who don’t love you?
Not going for job because of family restrictions
and still alone because you are not happy with them?
When you are unhappy with the people you are living with,
but you can’t run away anytime anywhere
because the world is unsafe for girls out there?
When you know you are on a wrong path,
but there is no way out?
Instead of seeing ghosts in the dream like childhood time,
you see the people who created traumatic memories -every night same nightmares?
When you are surrounded with people around you,
still you are fighting with the illness all alone?
When you wait for the right time throughout life,
but you keep ticking the wrong time?
When you are identity is a strong person,
but someone frames you as a weak one in your little world?
When you try 100 plus times to achieve your dream,
but at the end you give up always for someone else’s priority?
When you survive death moment many times,
but you don’t even want to live a single time?
When the world says,”Future is unpredictable”,
but your future is clearly predictable?
Holding a fake smile,
Laughing out loudly with the treachers,
Crying in the darkness?
What’s scarier to you? “

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