Whatever Happens to you, defines you??

I read this quote,
Do not let whatever happens to you, define you.
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In my opinion,  this is utterly unprincipled thinking. Because in reality, We are: Whatever happens to us. The way our people bring us up can play a role in molding us. Things that happen to us and how we react , changes us.

In the path of life, we face challenges. We response to the events through our emotions. We experience physical injuries. We are affected mentally through certain events. The consequence changes us into a different person. Our personality is different and we as a person change every few months. Hence, the way we define ourselves also changes.

If we don’t talk about the things that happen to us, then we will only talk about hobbies or movies, etc. It will leave us talking about general topics with everyone. In another way, we will end up hiding our emotions. When we are in dire straits, no one will notice it. Maybe if we don’t share our emotions, it will not be easy for anyone to trust us. The relationships won’t be transparent.
I would like to share upon here some of the scenarios that could enhance my opinion.

Scenario 1:

If someone has been attacked in the past physically and is injured viciously, then it’s possible that the person is prone to disability. Not all physically normal people and not all physically disabled people can do challenging tasks. A person may have to tell why he or she can’t do it. Ultimately, that becomes part of definition of the person along with the behavior of the person.  It is okay to define ourselves based on the incidences we had been through. Because those are the things that shows we survived. Those things define how strong we are.

Scenario 2:

An individual is strong for the whole life. He/she consistently goes through unexpected tragedies. Sooner or later, he/she may become weak. Will we call them a weak person? We should not forget the times they were strong. On another hand, if we don’t know someone very well then, we should give them a chance to speak about the times they had been brave. Often, I see many people have the habit of judging others and commenting on them based on their present physical appearance or personality behavior. We need to understand, saying hurtful words and sometimes even jokes can have serious emotional impact on the person.

Scenario 3:

Someone who has not been taught responsibilities may not be able to adjust alone anywhere. As the time passes, they learn through experiences. They can be weak before but there is possibility to turn stronger later.

Scenario 4:

When someone is put into the situation which seems to be impossible for everyone, he/she changes it differently. They cannot do anything about present situations, so they create something new. When we are surrounded with all the unsolvable negative situations, we can create some new positive moment.

What is your opinion? What will you choose to define yourself?

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  1. Indeed, all that happened and will happen in our lives are the products of our experinces.

  2. marjiemare says:

    I love that quote and I always try to teach my kids that they are better than what happen to them as long as they learn, move on, and grow from that experience.

  3. Michael David Oyco says:

    This is a nice perspective. It is true. Its the reality. However some thinks that other possibilities may happen, the one that happened is the YOU.

  4. It is always up to you. Nobody is goiong to change your life but you!

  5. We all grow to experience. At the beginning out parents mould us to be who we are but as we grow older life experience can shape us to be who we are today.

  6. our thoughts, words, and actions are what made us to be the person we are now. thus we should always be mindful of everything.

  7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    This post reminded me of that quote that I came across recently. It goes, “The person I am today is because of the choices I made yesterday.” Although there are events that happen in our lives that are beyond our control, it is our attitude towards it that defines who we are as a person.

  8. I think yes, our experiences change us a lot. But it’s more our choices that define us rather than abilities.

  9. I also don’t agree with the quote since normally what happens to us largely defines us, our beliefs and much more. I would say, let not what happened define you negatively.

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