What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?

What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?


What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?

One word answer that prevents happiness and succes is “Negative” mindset. This negativity can come from different sources. Do you hold the negative mindset personality? If not you, then do you observe which people around you hold this kind of mindset? Does the person exist in the family or in the friends’ group or at the workplace? Whose steps are you following to become something in your life?
All these factors have a huge impact on each person’s success and happiness growth.


Anxiety disorder is real or not?

Anxiety disorder is real or not?

Not everyone has got anxiety issues. There are different levels of anxiety. Some people may self diagnose themselves by reading on the internet that they have anxiety. Never self diagnose yourself unless you have accurate knowledge and you prefer to go to the proper clinic and confirm it with the doctor through the health checkups.
People who have anxiety are not losers. Trust me. It is the disorder that makes them fight with things strongly. The tasks may look impossible for their mind, but they take great willpower and boosts themselves enough to fight against anxiety to make things happen in the way they wish it to be. Many people suffering from anxiety can get treated through medications.

The real anxiety disorder people are already finding ways to overcome their problem and find happiness by achieving small or big tasks. Some of them may require a push by their beloved families or friends. The therapist can assist them to overcome this disorder. Although many people in this line may find it arduous to overcome their anxiety fights. They try their best to achieve happiness and even successful goals.

What if this disorder is not real?

What if this disorder is not real?

People who fall into this category can affect others on a large scale. They may never think something good can happen. They will have the feeling that things are not possible. They will never be ready to achieve something by themselves. On the other hand, they create a negative atmosphere for the people living with them. They may become a barrier for others too. Every time cancelling plan is a quotidian for them. They may not even let other people to achieve something.

If they are so much obstructing own and other people tasks, then why can’t we call them anxiety patients? The reason is the number of symptoms represented for the anxiety level people does not match with this type of people. Hence, it is considerable that these sets of people will never take a step to gain happiness. Their tremendous involvement into the negative darkness enables them not to bother to open the door for the positive aura.


By now, you can now relate yourself under which category you fall off between the above two. If you don’t possess any of those qualities, then well and good. You surely possess a healthy mind.

When you have this form of a member in your family, the normal life may not be easy to perpetuate.  The best thing you can do is give them the anxiety treatment and to the ones who don’t have anxiety would still need to go through counseling. In case, these individuals are not ready for the treatment, then don’t give up. Take the trouble until they agree.

Furthermore, don’t let these people dominate your life. We cannot call them manipulators because they really have a negative belief. Do not let your life aspirations or even the daily plans get affected by their thoughts. It is quite impossible to argue with them. To be precise, the argument is not the best option for them. Being polite may work out sometime. But, try as much as possible to not let them take over your life or just do your tasks without informing them. This may not be possible to achieve by everyone, but nevertheless, we should always find ways to focus on our own life too.

What if you happen to find these type of people in your friends circle?

           Maybe you can relax a bit in this case. Because you will always have other friends to carry out your plans. Maybe you will be ok with their cancellation plans. But, it may not be good if that person happens to be your best friend. They may not only cancel their plans, but they will also be sharing all their daily anxiety events with you.

       It is good to help your best friend. Listen to them and motivate them to overcome anxiety. The best way is to always insist on them to meet the therapists. Because it is not possible for you to be always there for them. With the help of loved ones and the right counseling, their thoughts quality will change effectively.

Do you get the feeling that neither you nor any of your family or friends have it, so there is nothing much to worry? Well, yes to some extent it is really a good thing to live in a better atmosphere. But, then , yes then there is still a chance to find these unhealthy minds at work place or at learning place.
These people may have the ability and skills to score a good grade or complete a project. But, they will always feel they cannot do it. Even after writing a perfect exam or making a good project, they will still believe that they are the failures until they have the result in their hand.

Whereas there are other negative set people who will not do anything or may not take any efforts. They won’t be much help to you. It is not their laziness, they are just not interested to take the efforts. They don’t realize what team work is! They don’t realize why hard working or smart working is important. These people may become an obstacle in achieving your tasks.

Whose steps are you following to become someone/something else in your life?

Whose steps are you following to become someone/something else in your life?

Everyone of us needs to have inspiration. It can be a celebrity, social worker or someone we know in our real life who has been brave enough to have done something great. When we follow great person steps, we get motivated to do something in our life. We cannot deny the fact that more number of people are suffering from chronic illness and depression. With the help of social media, we are now being able to be aware of many life stories. We can find empathy and we can feel that we are not alone, there is someone else suffering in the same manner as we do.

With this help, we realize that our struggle is not alone. In circumstances, wherein we know our journey is challenging and when we find others going through the same thing, we need not focus on the same thing consistently.

For example : A person suffering from chronic illness has an unavoidable symptoms to pass each day. It is quite disappointing for many, as the illness is not understood by their family and friends. With this background, most of these patients come across forums and pages that show similar people. In this way, it is possible to feel there is someone to understand them. This is good as long as this sort of communication is kept moderate.


What would happen with an excess of connection with these kinds of group circle?

The patient may have fewer symptoms and still able to pass a normal day with more efforts. As the person reads social media posts or forum posts which show other patient’s posts has more symptoms than him/her. Those patients with more symptoms share how troublesome it is to pass a day and how much they are failing to get along with the normal life. This type of posts has high chances of affecting the less symptom patient. The patient may start thinking about how difficult it is to survive a normal day and follow the same steps. Excess of anything is not a good thing. So, an excess of following such type of posts is not a good thing either.
You need to follow the steps that motivate you and give you more willpower to make things possible.

To add on, some of the research work shows that anxiety is contagious. How can it be possible? It is not contagious like a viral fever. Spend time with anxiety people to help them recover. Listen to them. Motivate them. Be there whenever possible. Find solution to their problems by discussing with them. Remind them how strong they are and the world can be simple. But, at the same time also balance your own life by having a good positive source for yourself.  

You may have heard, when you spend time with someone for a prolonged period of time, you tend to inherit some of their qualities. This cannot  be true in all the cases. Because each person may interact with multiple people and have different type of life. But, if you happen to spend an excess of your time per day/night with the same person for long years, then see it to it that you take care of your mindset too.



We cannot exclude the evil type of people who purposely stand as an obstacle in our goals. We can find manipulators and then there are dominators. Yes, all these types of people are also part of a negative mindset.

With this, we can explicitly conclude, such people can create distractions and perhaps block your tracks of accomplishing tasks. It is our own responsibility to take care of them by balancing our own flow of thoughts. At the end of the day, only we can do our best to keep ourselves happy.

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  1. Amazing article, thank you so much for shedding light on this important issue. I had a friend that had Anxiety disorder and was taking medication to keep it in check. Anxiety disorder patients need constant attention. Thanks again for the great read.

  2. As always your blog posts are full of truth, well written and truly inspiring! Thank you!

  3. I think anxiety is very real, but at the same time contagious as you pointed out. It is so easy to find yourself taking on other’s anxiety and stresses. I think the world of technology and social media has also contributed to the spike in anxiety.

  4. Interesting perceptions here. However I do agree that negativity generally holds people back from success and happiness unless they can use it as a driving force to move towards a situation.

  5. I am easily influence by others so I would prefer to stay away from negative vibe, negative people. I don’t hope to get influence by them negative energy.

  6. Bindu Thomas says:

    Very interesting post and helpful for being in happiness and success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. This is a great article and thought provoking too. Its It’s re sad that still people do not take time to change the mindset to fight anxiety .

  7. Anxiety is definitely contagious. I’ve personally struggled with anxiety most of my life and I know when other people are anxious, it can wear on me as well.

  8. Negativity is such a bad thing and really holds people back from there true potential.

  9. This is really interesting. Honestly, opened my mind a little bit.

  10. Great article here. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and now dealling with PPD. I like that you opened this article for world to see. Mental health stinks.. Again very great article!

    1. Thank you KyLee 😊 I am sorry to know you have to deal with it. I am closely related to people going with it and I have it sometimes… Hope you get better 😊

  11. Friend circle is very important to establish in life. May be it’s late but now I can realize it in every step of life. Thanks for detailed explanation that make me understand the wrong decisions I made earlier.

  12. Anxiety is a real disorder! I’ve had it and I would take it all to biting my nails. I’m happy I’m getting happier these days since I found what makes me happy…blogging!

  13. this1mommytries says:

    This was an interesting article, that shed some much needed light on anxiety.

  14. Michael David Oyco says:

    Guilty of this before but yeah, learning to just move it aside and be happy. Thanks for the reminder and tips in here

  15. I’ve suffered from anxiety for a very long time, and it is very true that there are different forms of it. This was an inspiring post and something I related to on a personal level. Thank you for sharing!

  16. A negative mindset can definitely limit our potential. Doubts are part of a negative mindset. We have to learn to embrace our flaws and use that to our advantage. I believe that we can accomplish anything if we trust ourselves and are sorround by people with the right mindset. Toxic relations can bring us down, so staying focused and sorrounded by postive people is key.

  17. Regardless of whether or not one has an anxiety disorder, I think the type of mindset that prevents happiness and success is anything negative and toxic.

  18. As someone who has been clinically diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder, I find it hard when people just say they have an anxiety issue, it’s the same as someone having an off day saying they are so depressed today. Like try walking in the shoes of someone who really does deal with that issue.

    1. That’s a good point . My next post is about same thing. People are misusing mental illness terms.

  19. There is definitely a difference between having a negative mindset and anxiety disorder. If you are dealing with anxiety, it is helpful to speak to your therapist or doctor to get help. It can be really crushing and sabotage so much of your life.

  20. wanderwithola says:

    Awesome article! I totally agree that negative mindset would prevent happiness and success. That’s why we should surround ourselves with positive people, because the people we hang around with the most will give an impact to the way we think. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  21. It is an interesting read for sure. Generalized anxiety as a disorder seems interesting although possibly more manageable than other disorders. The problem withit is usually it comes with comorbidity with some other disorder which makes everything much worse. My ex had this, but also BPD at the same time and it made it really hard on her.

    1. Thank you David πŸ™‚ Yes, in most cases, it is the additional symptom for other mental disorders and even chronic physical illness.

  22. Anxiety is to be taken care of… we should always listen to the people with anxiety as they need more attention than others… Such a deep thinking in your post πŸ‘πŸΌ

  23. Interesting post! Definitely agree to all of your points, anxiety and negative mindset definitely affects happiness of any individual.

  24. I’ve come to realize that pessimism can look a lot like anxiety, but then when you think about it, anxiety brings a whole level of negativity into the picture. I’m lucky to not have encountered a truly negative person in my life as of yet. I always try to be positive and even if life can be difficult, I believe that there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud. πŸ™‚

  25. What an excellent post! I struggle with anxiety and it’s been really rough lately. Trying to turn it around for sure.

  26. It is so true having a negative mindset does affect your happiness because things may seem impossible.

  27. Great article! I always try to have positive thoughts but sometimes I can feel anxiety. Lately I’ve been meditating and that has helped me lots.

  28. Alexandra Cook says:

    Having a handle on your mindset really gives you emotional power. A lot of people struggle with that these days. Love this!

  29. I know how much a negative mindset can affect an individual. So as much as possible I try to have a positive one.

  30. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I really appreciate you bringing light to this issue.

  31. Yes Negative mind set is the one keep you behind in move forward. Especially with anxiety.

  32. You have to be a strong minded person to not like daily anxiety to get to you. Anxiety is a big contributor of lack of success and happiness.

  33. Negativity is a barrier to lots of worthwhile things. I try to make sure that my surroundings are as positive as I can make them.

  34. Such an important thing to address. I find myself asking if I have a negative attitude a lot.

  35. Negative mindsets and negative self-talk can definitely hold us back and hanging out with people who make those things worse in us are people we need to avoid. I appreciate the information about anxiety — it gave me something to think about!

  36. You provided a very detailed case! Anxiety is something I think each of us can relate to and it is important to talk about it!

  37. What a great advice. Negativity mindset and toxic people can affect your happiness. Instead do the things that makes you feel happy ignorance is the best way πŸ™‚

  38. one’s surrounding has a great impact on someone’s life out look in life! I love surrounding myself with positive people as they make me happy and stay positive. when negative people are around, I find myself exhausted and sad.

  39. Thanks for shedding some light on this important topic. I totally agree that negativity can be contagious. We need to do our best to stay positive. And if you suspect that you may be suffering from anxiety, a quick doctors visit is definitely in order.

  40. its so true what you write about negativity and our surroundings having a great impact on us, it can also be very draining that’s why I try to have positive people around me.

  41. This is a very interesting post and I enjoyed reading it. I learned so much from it. I have a friend that suffers from anxiety disorder that lead to depression. She is now on meds to help control this. You have given some great advice. Thank you so much!

  42. I suffer from anxiety and totally believe its real! medication has helped

  43. I once heard that looking back frequently and remembering past failures and points of anxiety causes depression and anxiety. Having a positive outlook on the future and remembrance the past with fondness is key. since hearing that I have been so much more mindful of the memories I entertain.

    1. Yes, Steph past does give bad effects so better to avoid it. Thank you for sharing your thought πŸ™‚

  44. bmcharnley says:

    Before I even read the entire post I guessed that you were talking about a “negative” attitude for sure! Yep, this is so true! It’s so crazy how if you change to a more positive attitude it overflows into all areas of your life!

  45. Took so many years for me to decide to want to be happy. Yeah, it’s probably a disorder or just the toxic way of life that I grew up in. But now, it’s my personal mantra to live happily.

  46. This is a helpfully amazing post. Sometimes it hard to choose to be happy.

  47. These are really great tips especially when I am confronted with those who are in anxious state. Thanks for this wonderful post!! I get to be anxious at times at well, but I always tell myself “mind over matter”. Things will go the way it should be, I just have to trust!

  48. Agree. To have success in anything you do then it is imperative that you have the correct mindset.

    1. Blairvillanueva says:

      I learned to smell negative mindsets from afar and when I spot it from a person, I totally never engaged. Negative mindsets are contagious too.

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