What is the need of mental health products?

When I get offers for being the ambassador for mental health product companies, I reject it.
Promoting awareness about mental health is a good thing although I wish to see a day wherein, we don’t have to spread awareness anymore. People should be aware of and accept mental health illness as much as they do for physical health illness. If I had to really promote any products, I would do for the ones which are meaningful and helpful.

There are two types of mental health products. In my opinion, one of them is not the right one ever.
I would always advice:
If you want to sell the mental health products, then don’t let the products remind the user of their mental health illness. If you could think about it emotionally , you would know what’s the fault in it.
Every business has the moto of earning profit but, in the motive of earning profits: (1) do not just mark any product as mental health product and (2) do not create the products that will not help the patient in healing any way.

Mental health is neither the Tag that should be misunderstood & misused via products nor the term to be used for jokes. Because, in there lies the real battle that needs to be taken seriously.

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