What arrange marriage is holding for you in the Box ???

What arrange marriage is holding for you in the  Box ???

The typical arrange marriage may help you to find your soul-mate, but of course terms and conditions apply.

Working/Unemployed  Box

Men have many options when it comes to finding a girl as they can either be working or non -working women. Sadly, girls don’t have many options as their families follow the informal rule i.e. unemployed boys are not eligible for marriage. Although it’s sadder for unemployed boys. Some girls and parents don’t search for an unemployed groom.



Age is a major factor. It plays an important role and this is why society always forces you to marry at an early age i.e. before turning 28. Boys once again have the advantage because they can marry any girl younger to them. She can be of the same age or less/ more years younger to them. But girls, once again have not much option. The informal rule of searching a groom is must be either of the same age or always elder. When the girl turns nearby age 30, then she is left with few choices. Because most of the men are already married. On the other hand, she is not allowed to marry the ones younger than her.

Funny Birthday Meme Of Men and Women


Sadly, people don’t search for a  disabled partner. They always look for healthy soul-mate. The disabled ones get along with the disabled partners. Few great couples have ignored the health issues, disability and are living happily. When it comes to arrange marriage, people don’t think of a disabled person. They don’t accept the ones who have certain health issues. Almost everyone wants a partner who is healthwise perfect.



Caste System Box

Ah-Uh !!! Hardly anyone got fair luck here. Finding a partner in the same caste is like you only have limited edition. There is religion, then there are castes and there-there are subcastes and then there are surname criteria. 





The boy-side family usually looks for a responsible girl. It is clearly mentioned on their matrimony profile, the girl must be able to take care of mainly his side family & if needed her side family too. The girl must have the superpowers to manage all the family responsibilities. But the typical girl-side family never mentions in search of a responsible boy who can take responsibilities of both the families.



Racism is all it got. The only search is to look for the fair partner or someone who is good -looking. Shopping dresses can be of different colors but skin color must be fair. Men’s looks can be ignored but girls are expected to be fair.



Even if you have good -looking face, size always matters !!!
Weak body look will not be useful. One should be body-built up attractive enough. Your body size is measured πŸ˜› Underweight or overweight will have a bad time fitting into this size box.




Height Box

Boys can find any girl shorter than them because the girl side family always look for boys taller than her. But, tall girls have got a limited option. The society rule says, they cannot marry anyone shorter than them.




It is important to match the financial status as the standard of living matters in arrange marriage. Especially, the men’s salary slip must be high. They should have a good amount of property preserved for future partner. Nowadays, even girls are expected to earn a good amount of salary. So, either way, financial status, and standard of living is another important factor.

Lucky  Box


There are exceptions who don’t have to unwrap the arrange marriage boxes. These exceptional people fall under the lucky box. Actually, it’s rare to have a lucky box in one go. The only box where none of the above things matter. What matters here is the person’s behavior. Families only search for a person’s behavior and accept the way they are.


These are the boxes usually found in typical Indian families arrange marriage. But, I am sure there are people:

So, did you unwrap any of those boxes to find your partner? If not then you can share your experience in the comment.



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  1. I would like to say that your section in the size box is incorrectly written. If an arranged marriage were to happen I feel that it is important for the man to have a say in the kind of woman he wants, but if the shoe is on the other foot, and she is coming to America from a foreign country and he sought her out, then he is looking for a woman who suits his tastes and desires. Not all men want a short skinny girl. Some look at more than an external appearance.

    1. Ken Spress As per my opinion,it is not incorrectly written. When it comes to falling in true love,size does not matter.We accept the person the way they are πŸ™‚ . But ,in case of arrange marriage its like a job interview as here in case of size box,the size requirement is also specified in matrimony profiles or say people already have in mind ,what kind of person they are looking for .

  2. I have been through the whole rigmarole of an arranged marriage and I absolutely desist it.I loved the apt pictures and it is a genuine harsh reality in the Indian society.

  3. After reading your post now I doubt wether really marriages are made in heave ?or a game plan .I like your bold approach on this topic with a touch of humour.

    1. Thank you shreyovi…haha heaven is quite doubtful at least in case of arrange marriage πŸ™‚

  4. There’s no way I’d ever agree to an arranged marriage. I have to make sure I’m compatible with someone first.

  5. Arranged marriages are a bit of a lottery aren’t they… they are supposed to be practical but can be also so random in terms of partner’s compatibility. I also find it annoying that there are many more requirements on women than on men

  6. Wow so much goes into an arranged marriage beyond the money issue. I had a friend when I was younger who hated the fact that her family was going to choose her husband.

  7. I would never go for an arranged marriage it just doesn’t make any sense to me but truth be told a couple of my friend did it and they’re very very happy.

  8. How interesting is this, I didn’t know that there are so many layers or conditions! It sounds as complicated or even more than a traditional marriage

  9. Brittany Vantrease says:

    I know that many arranged marriages have ended with happiness, but I’m glad that I got to choose my husband. I got very lucky because he’s a hard worker and provides for us and has great patience. However, there are others who choose their spouses out of lust or emotions without contemplating the future like, will there be enough money to support us? Will he/she make a good parent? Would he/she be a good spouse or will they be short tempered? I see the advantages and disadvantages of an arranged married, but I hope that the parents and family members are wise in their decision. I wouldn’t want to be married to an old, ugly man who makes money, but on the other hand makes me cringe when I look at him or roll my eyes when he speaks nonsense.

    1. Yes , arrange marriage has 50-50 views. There are happy couples . It works out for some people. But not every one can dare to take that risk 😊

  10. Alexandra Cook says:

    That is so interesting. Looking at it as an opportunity for happiness, I can totally see what you are saying!

  11. There is usually so much to put into consideration when it comes to finding a partner for marriage. And yeah, even parents and relatives always want to have a say at it. Well, I’d say that one has to be visionary- because it pulls in everything in regards to character.

  12. Wow this is definitely an interesting post. I know the concept of arranged marriage but I did not knew all of these details. It’s a really harsh tradition. Thanks for sharing these facts!


  13. My mom and dad did arrange marriage. but mine is love marriage, yes I agree with you lot of limitation is there.

  14. Hubby and I married for love. But you know, sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I found myself in an arranged marriage. I feel there’s some thrill to it. An excitement. Too bad though if you can have what your heart is longing for.

  15. Reading this post, I was surprised that arranged marriage could really have so much things to put into consideration as I always thought it’s only about “social status”. Well, I could only see myself marrying for love πŸ™‚

  16. Hahahaha! most of it is funny and at the same time i understand these thoughts. Marriage is a complete formulation task these days. It not like those days. People prefer choosing their partners based on a list.

  17. I still can’t find a meaning in arranged marriages… Today getting married is not a status symbol anymore and I guess deep love would hardly come when you select several aspects from a kind of catalogue. But I’m interested and curious about this dynamic

  18. Eileen M Loya says:

    An arranged marriage is something I would not agree to. Not for me, not for any of my children. I guess this works for some, but I still believe that couples should be able to know more about each other before getting married (or agree to marry).

  19. This is an interesting post. I once did a research paper on arrange marriages in college. What I will say is I want to ultimately decide who I choose to marry, but I don’t think the concept is bad.

  20. I am glad that my children don’t have to worry about me or their father setting up an “arranged” marriage for them.

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