Weird Story- 1

There are so many things I can’t do and that’s how I can understand what a prisoner must be feeling in there for days, months, years and then decades. But, I am not a criminal. I have not done any disapproval thing for facing an unpleasant punishment.
I cannot step outside as and when I want to. I cannot even do the things that are important for my health. It can be the simple thing of going for a walk for few minutes nearby house. But, I wait to get the permission for many days. I keep asking everyday with the thought of someday ,I will be allowed and yes, there comes a winning day and then the same thing keeps repeating.
Struggle and win, struggle and win! Getting permission to go for a walk again depends on the number of criteria. Criteria imposed by my mother. Day-time outing depends on her Panchang calender, her mood, her tasks assigned to me, the building people around, the people going to graveyard for funeral (the graveyard is closer), etc. What’s with building people? Well, they sit around our house or on the walking path on the ground floor. All they do is pass the comments and laugh at us. Gossip about us. Keep judging us. For them sitting there from morning 7am till night 10.30 or 11pm with their gossip is the best job in the world.
Late evening walk or night time is out of question. A peaceful walk is a rare thing. My mother will force father to be with me. He will keep complaining about her during the walk. After all these things, it is overwhelming that my health is no better because of the troubles I have faced by living with this family. There is no single second as a normal body anymore. If at all the walk permissions are agreed by a grudge angry expression face mother, still the last decision is forcing my body to step outside. I miss the days I was fit and wish my mother had allowed me to live the basic thing i.e. walking. That’s how important walking is! Without it, human’s physical strength will reduce and mental status will develop anxiety issues. I cannot fix my life again. I cannot fix my health again. It’s too late to recover everything I lost. Only if life could get a reinstatement. Living a imprisoned life can never be the easiest thing. There is never a pinch of freedom and space to breathe.
What can I advise with this little story but one of the daily battles of my life?
“Go for a walk. Walk for 1 hour or more , walk for 5 mins or more, walk to fresh your body, mind & soul and experience & learn things every day in that short walk.”
Especially walking amidst nature or around the trees can help in healing mentally and at times storing new tiny memories in place of unwanted memories. Even chronically ill patient would find it difficult to walk as it will only increase more pains. But, truth is sometimes walking also helps chronic patients to reduce symptoms. To add on, it helps a lot in motivating and mind refreshment for patients.
Enjoy the little joys of life. Walking is a part of happiness especially for the ones who don’t get chance to experience it.

Did you go for a walk today? 😉

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