Water Supply Business

“We have 100s of branded stores and malls for clothes.
We have small stores for clothes.
We have door to door clothing sales.
Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for a water.”


During flood circumstances, most places did not have any drinking water supply for a week. They had to spend a couple of weeks and probably a year without access to clean water. The drought places has taken away many lives. Yes, there global warming around. It is our responsibility to restore the water for drinking consumption. As many government in many states allow builders to build huge buildings in the districts and villages, in the name of development, the supply of water has been terribly reduced. Not many places are prepared to fight with the scarscity of natural water resources. 

Water should be free to all. Some people would be interested in supplying water to everyone as help but there is a need of finance in setting up this business. There are new methods available these days which is useful for storing water resources.  Certain non-profit organizations such as Paani Foundation has come up with techniques of rain water harvesting and teaching farmers the method of restoring water. 

On the normal home based access to drinking water, we have plenty of filters providing clean water. These are expensive and requires often service charges not promising ones for prolonged usage. We can call it expensive because not everyone is able to afford it. 

As some people do not have good quality borewell and lake supply water, the usual water can bottles come into existence. This business is common in Metro cities but no so common in small cities. Is it profitful? Yes, from the point of business people, it is profitable. When you don’t want to take it up as a business, but want to do this a non- profit organistation, it’s still the best thing to do. 

Note: The current charges in metro cities is around Rs. 90. per bottle. 

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Watch the video till the end to know the management of this business 
Water Supply Business Idea and Planning.

Water Supply Business



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