Virtual World Game

When my life ticked tik -tok,
little did I know that I am hearing
the knock-knock
on the door to the Inferno !

When the real life began
to fall into a pieces of chaos,
the virtual world surprised me
with the pieces of cake !

The virtual game with the real world environment
made me a happiest person to live every dream to the fullest,
the real life with real world environment
made me a saddiest person to miss every happy moment.

When the real life missed the best people
the virtual game introduced me to the wonderful people.
Far across the sea
to the different corners of the world
we may not share the same seasons,
we may not share the same land,
but we share the same screen of the virtual game.

We miss out meeting the real life people
But we enjoy the childhoodness in the virtuality
To the deeper minds,
To the funny conversations,
To the free counseling,
Virtual game became the inexpensive therapy.

When the family members have no love,
the virtual world shows the emojis full of love.
When the real world friends stay away,
the virtual friends come closer to destress you.

Being a rich,
Being a famous,
Doing easy jobs,
Living a luxurious routine,
Hanging around in any corner of the world
With all the fun together
is all one can wish in real life,
but can only be blessed in the virtual world.

Hiding the tears of real world
Widening the joys of virtual world
A temporary relief to the hopeless mood,
is all one can do for a self cheer up sunshine !

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