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We often hear news about women being molested, raped or sexually abused. It is something we as a person, have got used to. We may feel bad about it for a few mins but we tend to move on with our routine life and forget about it. But what happens when a close friend, a relative or your siblings go through it. Are we really prepared to handle such a situation? Do we really know how to react to someone who confides in us something horrible that they have gone through? Honestly, most of us don’t know. It takes courage and a lot of thought for the victim to open up to someone first. How that person(or we) react to the victim is hence very important. When a female gets physically abused or molested and therefore, is mentally disturbed, she needs someone to listen to her. We often notice on a daily routine life, women go through lots of issues relating to physical abuses. It can be while traveling or at an office place or at a college or any random place and sometimes at home. But such cases are usually ignored and women happen to move on without sharing it with anyone with the fear of being blamed. For instance, a woman at the office is physically abused by her close colleague and she may not have any proof to tell others. A colleague might be a good friend or trusted person so the victim will already be in another thought of being betrayed. She may look out for someone to listen to her incidence and understand her. At this scenario, the victim is already in a mental stress and needs someone to be there for her. Unfortunately, in such cases, even logical people will blame the victim by telling her it is her mistake of being so close friends’ with a colleague.Basically, people often compare such scenes with rape and don’t take it as seriously as raped ones.Remember no victim forces herself for something bad to happen. These incidences have a very negative impact on the victims. Women are also blamed for being over friendly, not dressing appropriately and what not.

The do’s and don’ts  to be followed to help or support the victim:

  • The foremost important thing is- do not blame the victim in any circumstances.
  • Listen to the whole story patiently. (Listen only when the person is ready to share it.) Do not force an individual to describe everything at once. Give them time.
  • Do not comment on her provocative attire.
  • Help her follow up any physical or mental checkup needs.
  • Keep telling victim you are there with her and she should not be scared of anyone.
  • Try to find out the attacker and lodge a complaint.
  • Make sure you help her out to get justice. If ever she decides to give up the process of law, motivate her to continue the process to win the case. If she does not want to proceed further, don’t force her.
  • Whether or not the victim  gets the justice, give her mental therapy every day until she manages to live by herself.
  • Do not gossip about the incidence to others unless the victim is comfortable with it.
  • Furthermore, if you see the victim has moved on, then do not remind them of the past life again and again. As no one forgets the past life, but it is more depressing when the topic is been brought up often leading to get hurt .
  • Some women may make life changes due to the incidence, support her.
  • If the victim is comfortable, help her by setting up or join a support group for her to recover.




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  1. A very important post. I particularly think this is great for people who are dealing with a person they know going through this for the first time. Support is key.

  2. That’s such important advice. I am sure many women I know have been through that and haven’t confided in anyone. Thanks for preparing me if someone does.

  3. Great pointers here! I’ll say that you should not blame the victim but take them for some checkup. This will be such great support.

  4. This is a great post for raising awareness and all of us should stand together for women! thank you for writing such an amazing post!

  5. Sexual assault survivors have to deal with a lot of silencing, from the legal system, families, institutional structures and often their own emotional trauma. I like your suggestions. I agree that we should stand in support of the survivor and refrain from saying anything that might indicate judgement of them and anything that might cause sensations of shame or blame!

  6. Thanks for writing this. It’s important to be reminded that it is crucial for victims to get the support they need. It goes a long way in getting them through.

  7. Thank you for all these suggestions! It’s always best to be ready and be vigilant anywhere we go..Thanks for the list of how to support victims, makes me more aware of the do’s and don’ts

  8. swathiiyer says:

    These are great points, yes first and foremost thing is not to blame the victim. Also support her and listen to her.

  9. Bindu Thomas says:

    This is very important post by making awareness of such topic. Thanks for sharing this post.

  10. This is such an important post for creating awareness. It is really unfortunate that these incidents occur every other day. It’s really essential to know how to treat the victim and also stay vigilant.

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