Uneasy loophole

Did you ever experience something like this?
You feel uneasy to sit in one place and focus on the given work.
Uneasy to decide the right things.
When the mind knows what’s wrong and right but still chose to get along with the wrong step just to experience it.
Uneasiness compuzzled with dilemma over every bits of the corner.
The plate is full of tasks and everything is well planned,
but the uneasiness mishmashes it all.
There is a feeling of indepedency
& a jolt of loneliness.
Inner mind full of wiseness,
Outer mind pond of calmness,
Connected with a bridge
jamming a heavy traffic
colliding the wrath & misrey.
A focused aim being
leached by a turmoil of distractions,
no, it’s not that easy to say,
that it is just a phrase,
“what to do or what not to do,
to be or not to be”.
Rather it’s the tempestous loophole
which needs to be fragmented
that fall into the right pieces,
shielded by the altruistic spirits,
fathomed by the majestic keepers,
phenomenally guarded by the sculpted angels.
-Shubhi Patil (thepsychologicalworld.com)

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