The Untold Victims

Precaution: This post contains women’s’ struggles. If you had any traumatic experience before and don’t want to read anything related to women as a victim, please do not read it.

The Victim

The word “Victim” that used to give goosebumps to us because it’s many times a highlighted news shown in the media, is now being contemplated as a piece of stale news. Once born as a female, no matter what role you play as a person, every female has to go through lots of challenges thrown at her in normal routine life. Rape itself is a big thing and unbearable trauma. But, is the lady who did not face rape in her life is having a safe life? Not at all !!

A woman goes through many kinds of inappropriate physical abuse. Irrespective of locality and surrounding area: given several circumstances, females are not safe enough . Even a place with several people around, we cannot call it safe. It’s quite difficult for females to share such things with anyone.



While traveling in public transport vehicles, random man touches or pinches ladies. Many times men stare at women terribly  & also murmur filthy words. We come across gross men who make unethical gestures towards any women. The other co-passengers are aware of these moments, but no one bothers to take any action against such culprits. Hardly any girl takes instant action against the attacker. Since, an unexpected physical abuse naturally makes the women blank for a while and sometimes scared too. It takes time for victims to give instant reaction as whatever happens is unexpected and unbearable. Few women can react instantly. Almost all the time, these culprits are the ones who are about to get down to the nearest stop or the one who escapes easily because of crowd in a vehicle. This, in turn, makes difficult to identify the attacker.

Once I attended the seminar wherein one of the HR Manager of the leading IT company was giving the lecture on random topics. Public present at the seminar expected him to talk about the education but whatever he spoke was utterly exaggerated. One of the topics he discussed was about the cab facility and night shift jobs. Many of us have heard the kidnap/rape incidences related to girls traveling in office cabs. He was explaining why girls face those incidences. His disagreeable thoughts astonished the audience.He concluded that girls provoke themselves to such steps. He blamed girl’s clothes & girl’s independent behavior. He also mentioned some girls sometimes ask cab drivers to drop at locations apart from given house address. This indirectly allows cab drivers to plot a plan of kidnapping her & rape.
I believe it is pathetic to blame a girl. Moreover, companies must recruit good cab drivers and train them moral values.



Apart from other vehicles, is traveling by a two-wheeler safe? Not completely safe. The men and the boys on the bike or vans overtake the girls riding a bike. When she tries to escape, there are chances of she getting hurt due to high speed or they harming her in any form. Even a girl walking on the road is not safe. The bikers may attack and vans may kidnap these girls. 

There are many cases related to molestation at home, brutally beaten and killed by their own family members. Education can try to save such things to a great extent. Yes, we find some educated people doing wrong things. But, we can teach majority of educated men to do the right things.

When the girl shares similar incidences with elder people, they land up with the same pieces of advice: “Wear full-dress, it’s your mistake. You should have done something. Be a simple girl.”
It is high time, we stop blaming all girls. Not all girls have bad intentions. Similarly, we can try to bring good intentions amongst all men.

All we can do is a try to live in a safer zone as much as possible. We shall not restrict ourselves from riding or walking just because someone can do something wrong to us. Families should teach their sons to respect all women. It is not possible to educate every man regarding this, but we can try to reach out to as many men as possible. At least in this way, some part of the world will be better to live for women.

Research data proves that a way a person dresses and /or acts do not influence the rapist’s choice of victims. Every next hour new rape cases happen in the world. Sadly, more than (Approx.)  50% of rape cases are not even reported. You can find research work on this topic on Google. There are many links showing the PDF files or detailed information.

We should carry programs related to mind control for men. There is a need for change in an education system. There should be a subject or special guest lectures being arranged at every school & villages every year or after every few months. It should be related to how the girls should make them strong enough and fight against such circumstances as well as the boys must learn how to respect girls.


To know how to help the victim:


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  1. You, Me and Benny says:

    wow this is filled with stuff I didnt know – how awful!

  2. I definitely appreciate that people, all people need to be taught respect for one another. We also need to be shown ways which will put us in more and less precarious situations. Obviously drinking to much can make it so we are out of control. It doesn’t excuse what anyone does to us, but we should not put ourselves in a situation without control. And finally, I have experienced some of this type of behavior from women in the past including grabbing, cat calling and even being followed around in malls. I think everyone should learn to behave in a proper way and being taught no one should behave in these negative ways regardless of sex or gender.

  3. this was such an important topic to write about, its terrible how often the victim gets blamed in society

  4. Mehrish Atta says:

    Very true.

  5. I so much agree! some things looks small but they happen everyday and irritate women.

  6. Eileen M Loya says:

    This is so important. We must teach young boys to respect girls just as they respect their own mothers. I remember being outraged when I saw a t-shirt at a clothing store with the words printed in the front that says – “It is not rape. It is a snuggle with a struggle.” That went viral and forced the store to withdraw all stocks of that shirt. Talk about disrespect for women!

    1. This is so disgusting. How can people do business with such prints and people buy it off. Good that the action was taken on store.

  7. Devyani Ray says:

    Victim blaming!!! So common and easiest thing to do

  8. Nursery Rhymes says:

    Thanks for writing about these type of stuff.Some may not read..but a lot will..Happy blogging.

  9. I believe everyone should be taught to respect one another no matter what their gender is. There shouldn’t be any discrimination just because she is a woman. A man has no right to treat a woman badly no matter if he is the father, husband, brother, boyfriend or whatever his relationship is with the woman. On the other hand, every woman should be treated with respect and at the same time they should know how to behave well and not fall victim.

  10. It is good that you are talking out about this, unfortunately it happens all over the world and women are often made to feel it is their fault

  11. Everyone should be respected as an individual and as a person don’t let someone get comfortable to disrespect you and learn to respect yourself. Great post!


    I have two daughters and I do worry about them given the way the world is. I am raising my son to be respectful towards all whether they are female or male.

  13. I’ve heard of experiences where ladies have been spanked in streets or even stared at so badly in vehicles. Feels so insecure. The society should just start inculcating better morals into kids so that they grow up to be better ones, including the boys.

  14. World is moving in a different direction and I feel we (or people among us are responsible). As parents or as guidance, it is important for us to pass right message to our next generation and make them aware that it is not ok to touch anyone just for fun. Just because you are physically strong, you do not have a right to do what you want.
    Respect a women.

  15. Alexandra Cook says:

    I love these articles, always gives me little bit of sense what I need to do as a woman and be prepared for Thanks!

  16. Becca Wilson says:

    Being respectful of other people should always be something that is taught to kids. There are so many kids out there that don’t get the message though and then we get victims that don’t understand why they are being treated the way that they are by other people.

  17. This is a very powerful post thank you for sharing!

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