The Secret


The real meaning of the word ‘Secret ‘ is something that is meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. How many of us really follow the actual meaning?
In this chaos world, it is hard to find a bare soul.

I doubt about many keeping secrets as unknown or unseen but I am pretty sure, each one of us will hold some secret for the whole life. When I look around, I feel the world’s transparency is so beautiful as well as the questioning one.

We expect someone to unravel our secrets. It’s a human nature to have own secret but also share it with someone trustable. Not everyone takes an immense interest in listening to other’s secrets.

We all have secrets

I say ,I am an open book. I also wear the mask like everyone else does.
I am not good at lying as I can fake smiles all the time.
Like many other people, I am broken into pieces from inside and out .
Can everyone else see the broken image of mine?
They can only see the fake smiles.

When I fail to smile,
When I am out of words ,
my face turns expressionless,
my quietness turns into darkness,
& sometimes my  bemused look
allows people to judge me.

Angry, Boring,
Rude, Saddest
are the words I am tagged with.

I said ,I am an open book
but seemingly not everyone can read it.
I feel like screaming,
I feel to thrash out everything
off my mind.
It’s not easy to carry
the weight of memories,
the volume of secrets,
the regrets & sorrows,
it acts like  the poison
& the good potion,
haunts in dreams,
plays in mind,
the untold stories!

At times,
I am scared of myself,
I fear from my changes,
I fear losing feelings &
be a hard-heart person.

The hardest part of living is
to have painful thorns inside,
blizzard of thoughts,
binding to find answers,
trying to break the walls ,
trying to open the doors,
locked inside with no keys.

In search of the lost key,
at once ,set oneself free,
from all the heavy things on my mind.
To breathe the fresh air,
to unbind from all the secrets of my life.

Every time I share the same secret with a new person,
I feel, I am reading my book with a new perception.

Not every one of us holds the dirty secrets.
Some innocent ones &
Some mischievous ones ,
Some struggling ones &
Some broken ones.
Sometimes we put the seeds of the secret in the few closed ones,
they don’t let it grow either.
That’s the best thing!

But the world is always not so fair ,
there are evils out there.
The calumnies  grow our secrets with spices & dung ,
spread it everywhere ,
thereby, arises nuisance rumors.

Be careful ,when to open up the secrets and when to lock it.
There are angels & demons seeking for it.

Most of the secrets are our life experiences. You may think you know a lot of  secrets about someone ,there will always be something that person will never share with anyone throughout life. Take an interest in someone’s secrets and you will be tangled with him/her for a while or maybe for a longer time. Secrets are usually the interesting chapter of the hidden soul.


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  1. Secrecy should be deemed as sacred and must not ever be taken at personal level when someone howsoever close you think they are to you decide not to spill their beans in front of you. Because you consider them close to you and maybe it is not the other way round. So respecting this personal choice is an extended part of sacredness of secrecy.
    Loved this post. ☺

  2. Food for thought. I am blessed to have some people in my life that I can share a secret with and know it will never be revealed. And vice versa, those I hold dearest I never repeat anything secret they tell me. But I think it is sad that some secrets get carried to the grave and leave a mystery behind.

  3. I think everyone has a few secrets tucked up their sleeve. I loved the poetic feel to this post. Lots of raw emotions here. <3

  4. I agree with the others and I think that everyone has a few secrets. It’s just the sense of the word… Secret hahaha
    You are so good to express your thoughts, good!! – Paolo

  5. monidipa51 says:

    If Why is it important to keep a secret to yourself and only share them with a few friends you can genuinely trust?
    If you’ll tell everyone about that secret, it will not be a secret anymore. If you’ll tell a bunch of people about that, they will on the same note transmit the secret to their trusted contacts and the cycle will go on and the secret will no longer remain a secret.

    I rather think that one must not share the secrets with anyone, not even with the one who you think is the most trustworthy person in this world.

    If the secret is related to someone else, you must not share that with anyone because that person (whose secret you are holding) trusted you and if you’ll share that with anyone, you are betraying that person. He just wanted you to listen to him, if he wanted to tell anyone else he/she will share himself with others too.

    And if there’s something related to you and you don’t wanna tell the whole world about that, think twice before sharing it with selective people too. People change very easily and you never know how they’ll be after that change.

  6. Reika Misaki says:

    I agree with the quote at the end. When someone tells you their secret, it means they trusted you. Don’t destroy it.

  7. wanderwithola says:

    What a really nice read. I love the last statement. We have to honor the secret that a person trust us about, and never use it against them. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  8. Rebecca Smith says:

    That was a really insightful poem about secrets and secrecy, I really enjoyed it. I agree that we should not destroy someones trust by divulging their secret.

  9. Lovely poem. I such a nice gift when you can make poem an everyone who is reading can feel the same way as you do.

  10. Beautiful poem. I completely agree with you. Secrecy is a big part of keeping someone’s trust. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything. I wish my workplace was more cognizant of that. Everyone gossips so much and it’s impossible to know what’s actually real from the rumors being spread.

  11. Lovely this poetry about keeping secrets. I think all people have their own secrets to their life maybe because of their fears of judgement and that person is me.

  12. Nice poem. When I was young I was not matured enough to know which information shared to whom but it’s really important to know other before opening up.

  13. I am so lucky to have a handful few who can keep my secrets!! That’s a really nice poem.

  14. I love that last quote — once you find out about someone’s secret, you should never use it again them. That is so important to remember in both friendships and romantic relationships.

  15. Thank you for sharing this very well-written post and I must say that truly love the poem, especially this part:
    “At times,
    I am scared of myself,
    I fear from my changes,
    I fear losing feelings &
    be a hard-hearted person.”

  16. A coin have two sides. Not every story is for everyone to hear, find the ones that you trust and share. BTW, great poem!

  17. blair villanueva says:

    Secrets are deems sacred. But there are cases that it needs to cast out especially if its for the good of the many.

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