The Real Award

When was the last time you won any award? How many awards did you win in your life? When we talk about award, we only think about the school/university , career and other similar activities. What if no one won awards in these places then are they worthless? Is a person successful only if he/she wins awards in such activities?

Take a look in your home. If you have a family member or the mates who are working daily at home, what do you give back to them? Each member should get some award in family. Beginning with the tags of hardworker, lovable, selfish, sacrificier, creative, never resting man/woman, etc. One can even host some funny awards.

Maybe then you can see the collection of awards in your home every year which will be motivating and bring happiness for the real heroes. Additonaly, there will be a chance for a selfish person to change behavior atleast a bit.

Very few families are lovable and appreciate each other often. But rest just live with their own demands and no respect to anyone. There are strugglers who believe that they are worthless because no one respects them for staying at home. They are not at home with choice but they are helpless . They think doing some job will only give them some identity. While they can’t go for job because of family’s other responsibilities/ obstacles, they are given the feeling of wortless life.

It’s time to begin giving awards to real heroes with no capes so that they feel they are doing something that defines their identity and it is respectable. Without them, the small world- “the family is incomplete”.

#SpreadLove #Staybonded

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