The most shameless person

When the whole family goes beyond limit to make everything perfect for someone and that someone abuses them publicly every now and then , what kind of humanity is it?

When the family gets hurt and asks the reason for such act, the person just laughs loudly and calls it a joke. Is making a permanent damage to someone’s status a joke?

When the family is fighting with multiple serious issues but makes sure to never stop working hard to make someone happy, that someone just treats them like a shit forever. Who deserves it?

Education, good salary, abroad stay does not teach basic manners.

Basic manners of respecting elders instead of disrespecting them, instead of asking them how is their medical condition going on but force them to work hard to fulfil the demands.
Basic manners of apologizing when it’s your mistake but rather yell back to the girl who behaved like a maid and care taker and disrespect the woman who cared like a mother.
Basic manners of the one who gives you financial and grocery and all facilities assistant, one can’t just spoil their status in the society.

When someone does not try to kill their own mother but gets blamed without any proof , when the reason is actually the same blamer person.

When people sacrifice their life priorities to fulfil your every silly priorities as well, then how can you just ask them to leave their own house?

When we are hurt often by an unethical behavior , we still seal our mouth but then how come someone has the guts to end our life without any mistake from our side?

Yet we wonder what wrong we did in our life to face such days always. Nothing was good but we tried our best to be good to all. But, we failed for showing kindness. There is no place for kindness in the selfish pond.

Before doing anything bad to others, people should learn to be in their place and imagine their own family going through it and understand what damages you do to them.

If you can’t help, if you can’t appreciate someone , if you can’t speak something good then the best job you can do is to keep quiet and let the other people be happy.

Lockdown Tales

If someone does not want to keep relations , then why do they even make relations in the first place?

A funny thing we had to face terrible days just to make this relationship possible. But, the relationship only gives one the regrets.

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