The morning of the day

I was unable to wake up from the bed in the morning. The body full of stabbed pain. The sun rised so early and harsh uv rays struck into my room. Like everyday, I cursed the sun: ” Why do you have to pass the strong uv rays on my eyes. You look beautiful and it’s amazing to see morning’s mesmerizing sunrise but then you are so closer to my room heating up the walls thereby giving me the breathing issues. “
I physically struggle to wake up with the pains and mentally prepare myself for another battle of the day. Each morning I ask myself: ” Do I really have to live today? Nothing good is gonna happen with me. No one is gonna love me today. I wonder why death does not struck me at once.”
With the sarcastic smile, I gather up all my willpower and wake up to begin the day by hiding my unberable pains and emotions.

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