The Dark Tunnel

The Dark Tunnel

What if one day I get up and find out there is nothing to do at all?

It won’t be a day wherein I could feel happy to say, “Yeah! Nothing to do. I am free today.”

It’s a day with bleak weather- I happen to realize there is nothing else remaining for me to do.
Everything has ended. I have lost so many things. I have tried countless things. I could look back to my past clearly. The path from the past to the present has made me conclude that my life is all messy. The impenetrable darkness has gone inside my soul and there is no space left for any positive signs. I have turned into a cold-hearted person. I have no feelings for anyone. I reached that level of life, wherein I can’t let anyone else be a part of my world. I feel the world has drained from me. The evil thoughts have arisen in my mind. I can only regret the mistakes, not done by me, but done by others which led me to suffer. I could have blamed everyone around me, by now I chose not to blame anyone. Because for now, I am in a state of blaming myself for always compromising my own life. For the number of times, all my dreams shattered with no hopes further. Abided by all the surrounding rules, I could not achieve anything. Being crumpled with a stroke of bad luck, I could not get any answers for, “Why me ???”.

I often restored my hopes to start a new beginning, but my every journey landed up to “The End” board with no success. Having failed for hundreds of times, I did not feel bad for rejections and failures anymore. I don’t know what is the feeling of happiness for being successful in life. Maybe, if ever I reach a successful point, I would shed more tears by recalling the failure times. I would be more nervous and hold fear to cherish the success moment. Doubtless, I am tired and downtrodden. I could imagine brighter days on the way. Alas! With not much of a span, I find myself being involved with innumerable issues. 
Whenever someone asked me, “What’s wrong?”; I could fake smile and tell them nothing. At most, I could share one of the smallest ordinary issues. The truth holds as nothing was/is right.  I could only wish some magic to fix everything at once for all. My life did not go the way I planned in multiple ways, but at this stage I am fine. At a certain point in time, we accept that some things cannot be changed and often are out of one’s control. People who know my journey tide with hurdles; know somewhere it is okay if I stop going ahead. It is true: negativity must not become part of life, but sometimes on a practical basis: negativity wins over positivity. We have to balance the positive and negative vibes equally.



I wish I would wake up one day and realize my whole life had been a dream and I am actually a different person living a different life. Perhaps, a much better life wherein I could be me, myself !!!

I wrote this blog post to express what I felt at that moment. I was not in a depression. My feelings were based on real situations. Through this article, many people could relate to it. This post is to show how a depressed person feels. It depicts how crushed a person feels when everything goes against her/his life. We see people who lack empathy. People who do not take other’s emotions easily. People who are unable to understand someone’s emotion. We do come across the ones who will not realize what willpower it takes for going through the hurdles. I genuinely feel we should not break anyone to the extent that they lose the meaning to their life. When we see someone’s life is falling apart, we shall try to lend a hand to uplift them in order to kick start life again.

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  1. At times I too wished my life is dream and I would wake up to a much better and happier reality. But I guess there are days when everyone feel that way too. Life is like a rollercoaster. Be strong. I wish the best for you.

    1. At times when things donโ€™t work out the way you wanted it too it really sucks. Iโ€™m sorry that things didnโ€™t work out the way you planned. I hope and pray for your better future ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  2. Interesting read. In my opinion happiness and positivity is the key. Surround yourself with positivity. You feel happy and better

  3. I’ve been where you are and I know it is tough. I always tell myself “don’t give up, there are still people to prove wrong”. I use slightly more colourful language but I don’t want to fill your comments with swearing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I know about this dark rabbit hoe that you have gone down. You have to remember that a setback is merely a set up for a comeback. Don’t give up because it will get better.

  5. Monique Starks says:

    I used to feel this way, but I am learning that my life can be whatever I want it to be; it just won’t be instant. I am willing to be positive and know that the life I desire is awaiting me, as long as I keep working towards my goals for as long as it takes. Only death can stop me from living the life I desire….this is something I say to myself constantly. I don’t compare my life to others, though. I only speak for myself.

  6. Devyani Ray says:

    I love reading Novels, but I cant make time for it. SO I listen to them now.

  7. Bindu Thomas says:

    Interesting read! Happiness and positivity are interrelated. Surround yourself with positivity. You feel happy and better

  8. This sounds so good! I’ve struggled with depression my entire life, so it’s nice to know sometimes that I’m not the only one!

  9. It seems obvious but positivity is the key, even if the most difficult thing is to have it in the darkest moments.

  10. Your life journey may not go to the way you want but I am sure it did make you a stronger person. There will be light in the dark tunnel when you keep walking.

  11. No point in dwelling in the past. Everyday is a new opportunity to change things. Positivity is the key. Self care and self love is the first step ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Waren Jean Go says:

    I had a lot of soul searching and getting to know myself phase in the last year because of the series of unfortunate events that happened in the past and I just want to disappear. But I realized, I don’t want to be anyone but me. I am blessed to be me. I feel you in this truly.

  13. Depression is real and can be serious. I too have thought what I would do if I woke up and my life had all been a dream. To be honest I still don’t have the answer to that.

  14. I feel surrounding ourselves with positivity gives us happiness… And that also makes us give happiness to others ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  15. I have had this feeling a few times in my life, It can be really hard to push through feeling like your life was different. Thanks for sharing this and showcasing some real feelings many of us have

  16. I have been in the dark place that you are and I can totally feel your pain with wishing life was a dream you could wake up from. Hang in there.

  17. This is definitely a great read, sometimes I wonder what if there is nothing, what is everything is a dream or perhaps worse what if we are just the play things of something bigger than us.

  18. I admire your bravery for putting yourself out there in hopes of encouraging other people who go through difficult times but are unable to find a safe space. We all have these moments where we feel alone, finding a tribe is so helpful in keeping you grounded.

  19. Holly Lasha says:

    There have definitely been times in my life where I wished that my life was only a dream. I love how transparent you are in your writing! Very deep!

  20. I find the idea of alternate realities enticing. But at the same time, you could wake up to something worse too.

  21. Thanks for an interesting post. I find that we can create our own reality and the life we want to lead. It’s hard sometimes to be in a situation that makes you unhappy but the only constant in life is change….and change for the better is just one morning wake-up away!!

      1. We have all experienced days when we want to just stay in bed. We can just become lethargic and want to pull the covers over our heads.

  22. Loved this Shubs…At times we really feel low and have no clue of what next…As the saying goes “this too shall pass” keep us going

  23. Tadpoles And Mud Puddles says:

    That hurt just reading it. I’ve been down this road before. It’s so debilitating and exhausting. It’s a reminder that we are not always strong enough on our own. Don’t say “I’m fine.”. Reach out for help. You’re not alone.

  24. swathiiyer says:

    Happiness and positivity is most important things to move forward, It is not that easy to be remain happy all the time. still find happiness in little things that is what I am doing now.

  25. Alexandra Cook says:

    I would love a day with nothing to do at all! I don’t get days like that enough!

  26. I’d love a day with nothing to do but I wouldn’t like it everyday. Great post.

  27. You, Me and Benny says:

    This was a great read and it’s definitely hard sometimes but I try to just make myself realize that being happy is way easier than being in a bad place!

  28. lauragetsrichinhealth says:

    Yes we should always lend a helping hand. Even when people seem happy, they may have these same feeling inside. Great writing and relatable for several! ๐Ÿ’•

    1. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

      I agree. Lending a helpinrg hand really does make both parties happy.

  29. Matija Antoniฤ‡ says:

    Being in a bad place is always bad, and it happens when you don’t even think about it, but you need to surround yourself with friends and people that love you and want to help you, don’t give in, there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm.

  30. I’ve had days where I feel the same! I totally relate. I try to keep myself busy to stop those feelings of having nothing to do but sometimes it’s not avoidable.

  31. I can relate to such thoughts, but I do my best to stay positive so that they wonโ€™t consume me. Writing is a great outlet to just set those emotions free.

  32. Very deep thank you for that.

  33. The more difficulties in life the more you will become strong & brave. What is the fun in life which is full of only happiness isn’t it?

  34. I can totally relate! Iโ€™m a person who suffers with depression and anxiety and sometimes itโ€™s hard to stay positive! However positivity is the key! Praying and therapy works for me! Good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š

  35. storiesofraku says:

    I just watched bird box today and it doesn’t feel good to do nothing at all

  36. I think that sometimes I would like to imagine that parts of my life are a dream and not real but sadly they are.

  37. Life is actually like a dream. You life is completely dependent on how you mould it. Be strong and work for it. It’s your life after all. Better days will be ahead! Best wishes.

  38. We all have a struggle and difficulties in our life. But I just keep myself positive and know that i have a purpose that’s why I exist.

  39. You know what scares me the most? Dying and then my soul goes to another person. It’s true that to live the most in your life, you gotta make choices that make you happy. Cheers for this post.

  40. My philosophy is to always be kind because you never know what someone is going through. Itโ€™s important to reflect on life like this, very insightful

  41. I used to have thoughts like that. Hell, I still do some days. It’s just part of being human. I’m just glad that in my darkest hours I had the patience to wait and see my life change for the better.

  42. chadden2001 says:

    Life isn’t easy and is often disappointing. But it’s the little things that make it worth it.

  43. I appreciate that you took the time and effort to pen down your exact feelings and that point in your life. There is always someone listening!

  44. Elizabeth O says:

    As long as we have life, we will share in its ups and owns. That is what keeps us coming back for more and grateful. Enjoy the moments of light and learn from the darkness… all will be well with you

  45. Everything On A Plate says:

    We completely emphasize with your situation

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