The Changing World

The most stupid thing that’s happening around social media is to buy followers. So the random accounts from random country will text you to pay for the profile to get this amount of followers. Everyone is falling for it. What’s the point here ? The higher level of non organic followers you have , you are only competing the digits with other profiles and these digits will go on increasing. Best were the days wherein we could have organic followers. To be precise, the number of followers didn’t matter. Yes, you will get highlighted by some company and viewers due to those high digits but will you keep on buying followers to let the algorithm keep you on top list: as this thing is never gonna stop.
From chain marketing networking schemes to cryptocurrency ;to social media followers ;to fake reviews; to work from home everyone from anywhere to become rich in 1 day scam comments everywhere, This Internet world has really lost the authenticity.
We can ignore this Internet part but , we cannot because this type of thing has been actually affecting genuine businesses offline and online.
The least that can happen is algorithm of all social media coming up with something better rules or switching back to olden times Otherwise, everyone shutting off these social medias or finding new better platform which won’t be crappy.

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