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I always loved capturing photos. I could do it well with any device. Beginning with kodak rolls, Vga to Lumia and at last, I brought my first Nikon D5200 in the year 2017. I generally use Nikon 55-200mm lense.
I love taking Bokeh photography.


I have a Flickr account wherein I am not really much active now. Like other websites nowadays, Flickr has also come up with the benefits for premium members and that’s where free members can lose out the views on their profile. My account is free. But, through Flickr, I got a chance to get real feedback from top photographers.

The first photo that got qualified for Flickr Explore is this one which also got 10k views within a day. Something which I did not expect as I have not shared it anywhere else. The favorite likes are higher than what it shows on the public page which is not a good thing. Wish it could show real favs. Many people have the same issue on their profile.

Here is the link to this pink flower:

Pink Daisy Flower

The below pic was captured through Nokia Lumia 920.

Bokeh somehwere unnoticed in bushes

Another Bokeh through Nikon AF-S.


Can you guess what it is?
pack of reflections


Messages in the bottle





Floral Photography

Photos from my balcony. Captured photos with Nikon D5200.
To use paid photos, contact on this page Contact Us
Bunch of flowers to begin the day.






Shades Of Roses


Spring is a reminder to share some of the shots. I love capturing flowers. Few captured by Nokia Lumia and others by Nikon DSLR. You can follow me on Flickr. Here , is my Flickr link :


I call it pupleina 😉 It actually has the combination of white and slight purple lines. This one is the tiniest flower equal to the size of pinkie finger. I am happy that I was able to capture it through Lumia larger that it’s actual size.

Pink Roses

At first, I did not know that these are roses. Their size is similar to the first week small bud. I could capture it to the maximum size through Nikon.

I don’t need to give a description of the Transvaal Orange Daisy.


This is my favorite capture. Because this one is again the tiny winy flower. But, with the help of Lumia , I could capture it in a way it looks as a big flower. To add on, these flowers were actually dying in the Bokeh but they look better in the photo. When pictures look better than original ,I love it more.

Transvaal Yellow Daisy


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