What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?

What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?


What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?

One word answer that prevents happiness and succes is “Negative” mindset. This negativity can come from different sources. Do you hold the negative mindset personality? If not you, then do you observe which people around you hold this kind of mindset? Does the person exist in the family or in the friends’ group or at the workplace? Whose steps are you following to become something in your life?
All these factors have a huge impact on each person’s success and happiness growth.


Anxiety disorder is real or not?

Anxiety disorder is real or not?

Not everyone has got anxiety issues. There are different levels of anxiety. Some people may self diagnose themselves by reading on the internet that they have anxiety. Never self diagnose yourself unless you have accurate knowledge and you prefer to go to the proper clinic and confirm it with the doctor through the health checkups.
People who have anxiety are not losers. Trust me. It is the disorder that makes them fight with things strongly. The tasks may look impossible for their mind, but they take great willpower and boosts themselves enough to fight against anxiety to make things happen in the way they wish it to be. Many people suffering from anxiety can get treated through medications.

The real anxiety disorder people are already finding ways to overcome their problem and find happiness by achieving small or big tasks. Some of them may require a push by their beloved families or friends. The therapist can assist them to overcome this disorder. Although many people in this line may find it arduous to overcome their anxiety fights. They try their best to achieve happiness and even successful goals.

What if this disorder is not real?

What if this disorder is not real?

People who fall into this category can affect others on a large scale. They may never think something good can happen. They will have the feeling that things are not possible. They will never be ready to achieve something by themselves. On the other hand, they create a negative atmosphere for the people living with them. They may become a barrier for others too. Every time cancelling plan is a quotidian for them. They may not even let other people to achieve something.

If they are so much obstructing own and other people tasks, then why can’t we call them anxiety patients? The reason is the number of symptoms represented for the anxiety level people does not match with this type of people. Hence, it is considerable that these sets of people will never take a step to gain happiness. Their tremendous involvement into the negative darkness enables them not to bother to open the door for the positive aura.


By now, you can now relate yourself under which category you fall off between the above two. If you don’t possess any of those qualities, then well and good. You surely possess a healthy mind.

When you have this form of a member in your family, the normal life may not be easy to perpetuate.  The best thing you can do is give them the anxiety treatment and to the ones who don’t have anxiety would still need to go through counseling. In case, these individuals are not ready for the treatment, then don’t give up. Take the trouble until they agree.

Furthermore, don’t let these people dominate your life. We cannot call them manipulators because they really have a negative belief. Do not let your life aspirations or even the daily plans get affected by their thoughts. It is quite impossible to argue with them. To be precise, the argument is not the best option for them. Being polite may work out sometime. But, try as much as possible to not let them take over your life or just do your tasks without informing them. This may not be possible to achieve by everyone, but nevertheless, we should always find ways to focus on our own life too.

What if you happen to find these type of people in your friends circle?

           Maybe you can relax a bit in this case. Because you will always have other friends to carry out your plans. Maybe you will be ok with their cancellation plans. But, it may not be good if that person happens to be your best friend. They may not only cancel their plans, but they will also be sharing all their daily anxiety events with you.

       It is good to help your best friend. Listen to them and motivate them to overcome anxiety. The best way is to always insist on them to meet the therapists. Because it is not possible for you to be always there for them. With the help of loved ones and the right counseling, their thoughts quality will change effectively.

Do you get the feeling that neither you nor any of your family or friends have it, so there is nothing much to worry? Well, yes to some extent it is really a good thing to live in a better atmosphere. But, then , yes then there is still a chance to find these unhealthy minds at work place or at learning place.
These people may have the ability and skills to score a good grade or complete a project. But, they will always feel they cannot do it. Even after writing a perfect exam or making a good project, they will still believe that they are the failures until they have the result in their hand.

Whereas there are other negative set people who will not do anything or may not take any efforts. They won’t be much help to you. It is not their laziness, they are just not interested to take the efforts. They don’t realize what team work is! They don’t realize why hard working or smart working is important. These people may become an obstacle in achieving your tasks.

Whose steps are you following to become someone/something else in your life?

Whose steps are you following to become someone/something else in your life?

Everyone of us needs to have inspiration. It can be a celebrity, social worker or someone we know in our real life who has been brave enough to have done something great. When we follow great person steps, we get motivated to do something in our life. We cannot deny the fact that more number of people are suffering from chronic illness and depression. With the help of social media, we are now being able to be aware of many life stories. We can find empathy and we can feel that we are not alone, there is someone else suffering in the same manner as we do.

With this help, we realize that our struggle is not alone. In circumstances, wherein we know our journey is challenging and when we find others going through the same thing, we need not focus on the same thing consistently.

For example : A person suffering from chronic illness has an unavoidable symptoms to pass each day. It is quite disappointing for many, as the illness is not understood by their family and friends. With this background, most of these patients come across forums and pages that show similar people. In this way, it is possible to feel there is someone to understand them. This is good as long as this sort of communication is kept moderate.


What would happen with an excess of connection with these kinds of group circle?

The patient may have fewer symptoms and still able to pass a normal day with more efforts. As the person reads social media posts or forum posts which show other patient’s posts has more symptoms than him/her. Those patients with more symptoms share how troublesome it is to pass a day and how much they are failing to get along with the normal life. This type of posts has high chances of affecting the less symptom patient. The patient may start thinking about how difficult it is to survive a normal day and follow the same steps. Excess of anything is not a good thing. So, an excess of following such type of posts is not a good thing either.
You need to follow the steps that motivate you and give you more willpower to make things possible.

To add on, some of the research work shows that anxiety is contagious. How can it be possible? It is not contagious like a viral fever. Spend time with anxiety people to help them recover. Listen to them. Motivate them. Be there whenever possible. Find solution to their problems by discussing with them. Remind them how strong they are and the world can be simple. But, at the same time also balance your own life by having a good positive source for yourself.  

You may have heard, when you spend time with someone for a prolonged period of time, you tend to inherit some of their qualities. This cannot  be true in all the cases. Because each person may interact with multiple people and have different type of life. But, if you happen to spend an excess of your time per day/night with the same person for long years, then see it to it that you take care of your mindset too.



We cannot exclude the evil type of people who purposely stand as an obstacle in our goals. We can find manipulators and then there are dominators. Yes, all these types of people are also part of a negative mindset.

With this, we can explicitly conclude, such people can create distractions and perhaps block your tracks of accomplishing tasks. It is our own responsibility to take care of them by balancing our own flow of thoughts. At the end of the day, only we can do our best to keep ourselves happy.

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The Dark Tunnel

The Dark Tunnel

What if one day I get up and find out there is nothing to do at all?

It won’t be a day wherein I could feel happy to say, “Yeah! Nothing to do. I am free today.”

It’s a day with bleak weather- I happen to realize there is nothing else remaining for me to do.
Everything has ended. I have lost so many things. I have tried countless things. I could look back to my past clearly. The path from the past to the present has made me conclude that my life is all messy. The impenetrable darkness has gone inside my soul and there is no space left for any positive signs. I have turned into a cold-hearted person. I have no feelings for anyone. I reached that level of life, wherein I can’t let anyone else be a part of my world. I feel the world has drained from me. The evil thoughts have arisen in my mind. I can only regret the mistakes, not done by me, but done by others which led me to suffer. I could have blamed everyone around me, by now I chose not to blame anyone. Because for now, I am in a state of blaming myself for always compromising my own life. For the number of times, all my dreams shattered with no hopes further. Abided by all the surrounding rules, I could not achieve anything. Being crumpled with a stroke of bad luck, I could not get any answers for, “Why me ???”.

I often restored my hopes to start a new beginning, but my every journey landed up to “The End” board with no success. Having failed for hundreds of times, I did not feel bad for rejections and failures anymore. I don’t know what is the feeling of happiness for being successful in life. Maybe, if ever I reach a successful point, I would shed more tears by recalling the failure times. I would be more nervous and hold fear to cherish the success moment. Doubtless, I am tired and downtrodden. I could imagine brighter days on the way. Alas! With not much of a span, I find myself being involved with innumerable issues. 
Whenever someone asked me, “What’s wrong?”; I could fake smile and tell them nothing. At most, I could share one of the smallest ordinary issues. The truth holds as nothing was/is right.  I could only wish some magic to fix everything at once for all. My life did not go the way I planned in multiple ways, but at this stage I am fine. At a certain point in time, we accept that some things cannot be changed and often are out of one’s control. People who know my journey tide with hurdles; know somewhere it is okay if I stop going ahead. It is true: negativity must not become part of life, but sometimes on a practical basis: negativity wins over positivity. We have to balance the positive and negative vibes equally.



I wish I would wake up one day and realize my whole life had been a dream and I am actually a different person living a different life. Perhaps, a much better life wherein I could be me, myself !!!

I wrote this blog post to express what I felt at that moment. I was not in a depression. My feelings were based on real situations. Through this article, many people could relate to it. This post is to show how a depressed person feels. It depicts how crushed a person feels when everything goes against her/his life. We see people who lack empathy. People who do not take other’s emotions easily. People who are unable to understand someone’s emotion. We do come across the ones who will not realize what willpower it takes for going through the hurdles. I genuinely feel we should not break anyone to the extent that they lose the meaning to their life. When we see someone’s life is falling apart, we shall try to lend a hand to uplift them in order to kick start life again.

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Being Delusionist !!!


Delusion the way to live the positive life .”

Literally speaking , “A delusion is a belief that is held with a strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. “
Delusion is a mental disorder. Often it involves hallucinations, negativity or rather false belief. Today, we will use this form in other way.

Sometimes you can try to look at your life with the delusion perception. When constantly for years, life goes  through unpleasant times, emotions lose their expressions. We come across a set of circumstances wherein the result is predictable. There are days, whether or not we involve in a problem, in any way, it’s gonna be worse. The absurd sitches are the overwhelming for the person. Whenever the unbearable arguments happen or the constant vicious negative life goes on, I choose to be a delusionist. Aye!!! I chose it in a positive way. There is no point in getting agitated when same things gonna repeat often. When there are unresolvable issues , sometimes I direct them as simply hallucinations to avoid it. It is just one of the ways to avoid negativity. So that, mind is balanced with positive thoughts. It is okay! It is ok if you cannot handle something. Yes, we have to take all the responsibilities. But, not everything is under our control.

This process is a trick to keep your mind calm and restrain it from being affected by negative people.

The best any human can do is to pick a delusion that helps him get through a day. – Scott Adams.



Life is so much better when you decide not to care. Just live for the moment and don’t let the drama bring you down.

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