Why is the Indian education system criticized very often?

I woke up to this mail notification. This was the question asked to me on Quora and I wrote my opinion as below: Indian Education system is categorized into a hierarchical model. The same hierarchy draws the respect level for the students accordingly. Playschools :Only the branded Playschool students get more attention.All the parents discuss... Continue Reading →

The Dark Tunnel

What if one day I get up and find out there is nothing to do at all? It won't be a day wherein I could feel happy to say, "Yeah! Nothing to do. I am free today." It's a day with bleak weather- I happen to realize there is nothing else remaining for me to... Continue Reading →

Common Man’s Demands

We don’t need hefty charges on traffic rules, which is not affordable by a common man. We follow rules all the time. If we break rules, we pay. We need developed roads and potholes. If you break rules, we lose a precious life. We don’t need super speed underground bullet train short duration transport from... Continue Reading →

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