12 Funny Quotes

I love reading quotes. Sometimes I just take the meaning in other way.. Reading funny quotes is a change for the mind. 12 Funny Quotes *********************************************** **************************************** RELATED CONTENT:Classic QuotesInspirational BirdsHow I earned a million within one month?ART    

Thoughts on Products

Sometimes, I don’t wish to be Google!

Sometimes I feel like I am the Google for everyone and I don't wish to be the one always. When anyone wants direction in their life, they look out for me.When anyone wants to try some new technique, they ask me.When anyone wants to start some new business in their life, they take my guidance... Continue Reading →

Sense of Humor

Tik Tok Tik: Sense of Humor VanishesMiss Tin is slim compared to normal weight. It is usual for her to be bullied by her own people or strangers for her size. She had been taking it lightly so much that sometimes she makes fun of herself too. But deep down in her mind, she had... Continue Reading →

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