How do I check my Blog?

I used to be surprised to see this question from many beginner bloggers. I helped in guiding many people in starting a blog. One query was common amongst all. When numerous people started asking, “How do I check my Blog?” I realized not everyone has got technical skills and computer knowledge. People enter into the blogging field from different fields, so it is possible for them to not have the right knowledge of simple things too.

I wrote the blog but where is my blog?

Here, is a complete guideline to find your blog on WordPress. It will help other bloggers who are not on WordPress too. Because the steps remain almost similar.

Step 1 :

You have written the blog and published it and now you want to share it. 
You want to view the display of your blog on the desktop and the Mobile.
Once you are logged in WordPress, you will see the page same as this image:
If you are unable to view this image, zoom your screen or right click your mouse and choose “Open image in new tab”. ( Do the same for all the images in this post.)

You can notice on the left side, there are two buttons.
My Sites and Reader.
Click on My Sites.

My Sites Reader

You will see the items the same as the above image on the left side of the page. On the right side, there will be names/list of your blog.


Step 2 :

There are two ways of viewing the site, the easiest way is this one. 

In the left top side of the page, Right-click your mouse on the button View Site.
You can now choose the option from the right-click list.
You can either click:
Open link in new tab 
Open link in new window

If you are using Chrome and want to open your site in incognito mode,then
Open link in incognito window

This will direct you to your site display. The image below is my site view. 

Site URL

I have marked red color drawing on the bit upper side. I will explain it in Step 4. 

Step 3:

The second way of viewing your site is :
Click directly on View Site button.
You will see your site similar to the below image.

My Sites

You can choose from the top bar, whether you want to see the display for Desktop, Tablet, Phone, Search & Social. No need to break your head more, simply choose Desktop. You can check other views later once you learn the steps in this guideline.

Options to View


My Sites

Click on Visit Site button on the right top side of the page.
You will be redirected to your site display.

URL View

Step 4 :

What is your site URL and how do you share it with others?
How will you check your site anytime?
Look at this image:

URL View

The red mark part is your site URL. It is also known as the address or link of your site.
1] Just click on that link.
Right-click and choose Select all
2] Right click mouse and choose Copy option.
3] Go to any of your social media or other sites you want to share.
Right-click mouse and choose Paste option.

Extra Step:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ice_screenshot_20190330-161141-1.png

If you see same or similar buttons anywhere on your site, usually footer or sidebar of the site, then click on the button to share on the social media sites. You can directly click on any of the buttons. If you are already logged in to the respective social media then it will directly share on your profile.
In case, you are not logged in, the window will prompt asking you to log in.
After the login, the post will be ready to be shared on your site.

Any questions, write it in the comment or reach out to

Happy Blogging


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Short Tales

She did everything for them.She could not live for herself. They said,you are responsible for your own life
She did everything for them. She could not live for herself. They said,”You are responsible for your own life”
Finally, after marriage, he expressed his love to her. She lived unmarried.
Aur kuch nahi means either there is lot to tell or you are boring
Age does not matter. You can have fun anytime. The old lady regrets for not having fun in her twenties
Behavior is vital in a relationship. The rest does not matter. She was rejected because of her size.
All colors are beautiful. Black and white photos are classy. Irony, this thought did not apply for skin color.
The old business man tried to remember the best moments with his family  & friends. He found bulk of financial accounting registers and meeting schedule diaries.
Good morning. 
How are you?
Miss you.
Good night.
Hidden feelings made this simple conversation daily.
Spend time with people who really matter. He regrets today for not proposing her.
A child loved drawing birds and butterflies all the time. He wanted freedom from his parent's daily fights.
Potion or a complete poison. He got a day to spend with her and a lifelong to think about her.
Both were independent people. One could cook & do self-work , but did not have a job life. The other one could earn well but neither cooked nor did any self -work.

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Suprised with the WordPress Feature

The comment option in WordPress allows the blogger to edit visitor’s comment. Yes, I know about this feature. I knew this is the con of comment feature. But, I believed not many people will bother to use this feature. Today, I am disappointed to know what someone did with my comment. A month back I had written a long comment which had more positive feedback about my own country. The blogger liked my comment and we had a conversation related to that blog post in the comment section. I started to get notifications of people liking my comment in the beginning days. But, I never bothered to recheck the conversation. Today, while I was browsing the Reader section of the blogs. Once again, the same blog post showed up. I thought of checking the conversation on it. I was surprised to see that my comment meaning has been changed. My long comment is being shortened and the replies are deleted. Now my comment shows a negative response about my country.
I have requested WordPress to fix this feature. I am not sure whether this feature will be removed by WordPress or not. But, I would like to request all of you,

“Please do not change reader’s comment on your blog post. You can disapprove the comment. But, don’t accept good comments and later on change it into a negative comment. It affects the reader’s viewpoint and character.”

I and we readers spend our time in reading your blogs. We leave valuable feedback. Misusing comments will not make you a good writer. Stop taking advantage of edit comment feature.

Tip: It is not possible to take the screenshot of every comment you leave on the blogs. But, take it whenever possible. Just to avoid the nuisance.

How I earned a million within one month?

How I earned a million within one month?

Isn’t it surprising to read this title,” How I earned a million within one month?”

When I read about expert bloggers are earning millions, I felt I can never be like them. They had been in the industry for over a decade. Additionally, some people believe that the blogging world has highly become competitive. Experts have worked for years, there is very less hope and scope for newbies. Unless and until you have a good staff and you are willing to spend your 24/7 in working way too firm to break the deal. I could have started maintaining a blog site long back, but I could never invest the amount in domain and hosting. I wrote once or twice a year. Blogging has never been on my plate.

Money brings happiness

Money is the reason of happiness!

Several people in my circle started requesting me to take blogging seriously. Hence, one fine day I decided to try it out for one month. Yes, trust me!
ike everyone, even I worked hard. I set my target goal of 31 days. March month 31 days of 2019. Never in my life, I took blogging as contemplative as I have done this month. At first, I did not have any expectations on earnings. As a beginner, we all know being a professional blogger is not a piece of cake. Here, I am sharing the secrets of my journey.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links

I applied for affiliate links. Although I worked hard, it was not enough. I could not spend as much as time as other serious bloggers could spend on. When I started affiliate linking to my post, I was not really focusing more on those products. I always focused majorly on the content. Within few days, I felt adding an affiliate link was a useless idea for me. I discontinued my affiliate programs. So, you know I did not earn through affiliate at all.

Essential ADs

ADs you travel more than travellers

I applied for Ads. I started having a good amount of visitors. My expectation for 1-month visitors as a beginner was fulfilled. The traffic was good. So, was the revenue from Ads. Yes, if you know the ratio of visitors to the ratio of impressions then you can calculate what can be the revenue too.
Obviously, it is not a graph to be seen. I am no expert to earn through ads with a beginner traffic graph.


Sponsorship is out of space

As I hustled through trying to bring traffic to my blog, I could not get time to apply for any sponsorship programs. Sponsorship was nowhere in my space.

Readers are blessing !

The only good thing I had for the whole month was my readers. They gave a good response, they appreciated my work, they encouraged me to write more.
I guess this is what made me take writing seriously. This was a warning alarm to sharpen my writing skills.

I love you readers

I appreciate my readers for reading the whole articles and giving their valuable feedback. I usually take my readers into the same real world that they see around. But, I also like to take them to deep diving. Some days, I don’t want them to sit humorlessly and read it solemnly.
Just like today, on this April Fool day, I want to tell them this is no uncomic article and I haven’t earned a million. Bingo!!! You know money can’t be earned at the drop of a hat. Happy April Fool day guys 🙂 I will probably be a millionaire within a month when pigs fly!
It’s been years I celebrated this day and today I decided to do it through my post. My secret of earning is no more a secret now. 🙂

How much you earned through blogging? When was the last time you celebrated this moment?

With all the love 🙂


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How do I check my Blog?

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