Surprised with the WordPress Feature

The comment option in WordPress allows the blogger to edit visitor’s comment. Yes, I know about this feature. I knew this is the con of comment feature. But, I believed not many people will bother to use this feature. Today, I am disappointed to know what someone did with my comment. A month back I had written a long comment which had more positive feedback about my own country. The blogger liked my comment and we had a conversation related to that blog post in the comment section. I started to get notifications of people liking my comment in the beginning days. But, I never bothered to recheck the conversation. Today, while I was browsing the Reader section of the blogs. Once again, the same blog post showed up. I thought of checking the conversation on it. I was surprised to see that my comment meaning has been changed. My long comment is being shortened and the replies are deleted. Now my comment shows a negative response about my country.
I have requested WordPress to fix this feature. I am not sure whether this feature will be removed by WordPress or not. But, I would like to request all of you,

“Please do not change reader’s comment on your blog post. You can disapprove the comment. But, don’t accept good comments and later on change it into a negative comment. It affects the reader’s viewpoint and character.”

I and we readers spend our time in reading your blogs. We leave valuable feedback. Misusing comments will not make you a good writer. Stop taking advantage of edit comment feature.

Tip: It is not possible to take the screenshot of every comment you leave on the blogs. But, take it whenever possible. Just to avoid the nuisance.

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