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This involves making fun of a person name or calling the person with different disrespect words. Threatening, nasty or hurtful comments, racial slurs and rude remarks passed on the person. To other people, Verbal bullying may sound easy to forget by the victim but it is not. It impacts on victim’s life. An individual begins believing that he/she is worthless. They lose the self-confidence which affects their student and career life. Some sensitive students will live in the fear throughout life. There is a probability to develop anxiety at an early age. 

  • Social Bullying

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Spreading rumors or gossiping are one of the worse things that happen at student life. This can happen with anyone at any age in any surrounding. The behavior of leaving a person out during the group fun time or ignoring often can affect person’s emotions. When the person’s reputation is diminished, it is difficult to come out of home everyday. There is a fear that everyone will continue to look at an individual in a negative response. It is possible for this person to lose friends , when the friends believe the rumors. The person can feel badly betrayed, when he/she finds out that friends are involved in gossiping about him/her. Usually, most of the teenagers and college students fall under this category. It can harm the emotional balance of the victim in a way that some victims choose to suicide.

  • Physical Bullying

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Slapping, Punching, Hitting, Kicking, Pulling hairs and hurting brutally. Such actions can have scars and injuries. Facing injuries and unwanted physical hurt frequently, changes the person. He/She will be scared to go back to the place. They will be living in the physical pain. The fear and the pain, together affects the mental health. While many in this category plan to give up on their life, there are some who may not give up on life. Survivors will not give up on life but will live with the traumas memories every day. 


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  1. I agree with you… bullying in any form is not good…but giving small taks as part of freshers or making fun of a sibling don’t come in this category …I suppose…😋

    1. As long as giving small task as part of freshers is not cruel and is taken lightly by all freshers ,it is not bullying but when the cruel tasks happen ,u know it’s bullying or ragging . When siblings are considered, rare cases happen.

  2. When I was in school, I dumped a guy for picking on a younger kid. I punched him for being cruel. Nearly 20 years later I am married to the kid that was bullied 🙂 #karma

  3. Cristina Petrini says:

    I suffered and lived bullying on my skin as a victim, a hateful behavior that leads to not believing in oneself not to perceive the wonderful and strong person they are … an evil that must be eradicated and that can be done only with the knowledge that beats ignorance!

  4. Yes, I never understand when people decide to bully. They must be very unhappy. I’ve gotten some rude comments online before, and I’ve learned to ignore them and realize the person leaving the mean comments must be going through something.

  5. Bullying it is an offense and it does get punished. I think it is every parent’s duty to educate their children and prevent them from becoming bullies.

  6. Would you believe my coworkers and I are dealing with bullying right now? It’s amazing that it continues into adulthood and that less is done about it. We’re just told to suck it up.

  7. I have dealt with bullying a lot in the past few years. As a teacher, I’m seeing it more and more as kids grow up.

  8. Bullying comes in so many different shapes and is very harmful to the recipient. It is so hard to fix all the damages done and takes so much time!

  9. I suffered mainly from verbal bullying. I would get picked at for my dark skin complexion and my hair texture a lot. Cyber bullying wasn’t really a huge thing for me growing up, as technology was just now really taking off.

    1. Thank you for sharing 🧡 In my case, it was reverse. I went through 4 years childhood verbal and physical bullying that even injured me for having fair skin that time. I experienced cyber too.

  10. this is such a major subjecT. it has to start with this generation to end

  11. Bullying in all forms is definitely wrong and sometimes the person doing the bullying is not even aware that they are doing this horrible thing. You can only hope that something in their brain would switch on sooner rather than later so that they can become aware.

  12. I did experience being bullied when I was in high school. As a mom, I teach my son about bullying and also what to do if he is being bullied.

  13. Thank you for spreading this important message. There’s nothing like getting the word out about protecting our future.

  14. Alexandra Cook says:

    Bullying is more rampant than ever. The internet makes it so easy to hurt and shame people without consequence.

  15. Such an important topic. Bullying needs to stop!

  16. monidipa51 says:

    Very effective post…! There are often methods given online where I find it is written ‘how to stop bullying’. “Stopping” bullying seem to me to be bullying the bully. I think they are a bad idea. It’s like teaching a killer how to be a better killer. Of course, someone could decide not to kill. But bullies are often those who were bullied (in the first place). It would be better to teach them that to get what they want, bullying often doesn’t work.

  17. This is such a sensitive subject, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I think it bullying will always exist.

  18. I also learnt that people who bully others are going through psychological issues and they just derive their power from bullying. Anyway, I’m glad that right now, bullying is considered a crime. It just has to stop!

  19. I love the line “Parents should avoid fighting in front of kids.” My parents actually maintained that and I am thankful for that!

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