Space is all, we need!

Space plays an important role be it in any form of relationship or a professional place.

Space is all about having a self-time. Apart from taking a physical self- care, a human being needs a space for self-reflexion thoughts.

Don’t we see, often most of us complain about not having enough space in life. We cannot do the things, we want to do. Sometimes, we cannot think the way, we want to think. Yes, thinking is also dependable and this is where we need to have space to awake our self- consciousness.

Decisive Case
When a person relies on someone for making every decision, then this person is not utilizing own brain effectively. On another hand, someone has the habit of making decisions independently, but there is another co-person (a friend or family member) trying to interfere in every decision. When the decision is already made, there are second thoughts due to someone’s intereferance. The two opposite people when relied on others, loose their own set of decisive mind. Therefore, it is important to have some space from others to rethink your thoughts and take up the final decision.

Reporting Robot
Oh yes, let’s call it a Robot! Almost all of us have the habit of reporting things to someone. At the end of day, you narrate the day to someone. It’s a good thing. Then what’s not a good thing about reporting?
As an example, think of a couple or maybe best friends (any age).
Not just an important thing and not just a brief day is narrated, but also each and every tiny thing about the day is being narrated to the partner or best friend. Surely, a firm bonding is formed. They are the healers for each other. They are being there for one another all time. They want to know that both of them are doing well all the time. When does thing go wrong then? When one of them gets busier , this person might fail to report each and every bits of day. Furthermore, it is possible that someone is bored of talking about same things every day. Maybe someone is also going through a hard time and probably, not in the right mood of sharing all the details of life. Everything can be smooth between the two people, if the other one is taking it in the same way. If the other person is sensitive, the problems will arise between such relationship (couple/ best friends). Usually, two people are so used of sharing things each day that ultimately, expectation is developed. When the same routine thing does not seem to work out well, then misunderstandings are developed. This was predictable.
But, what’s happening on other side? Why do we need space in this context?
Whenever anything happens not necessarily a big thing. But ,whatever happens, even before our mind absorbs it, the first thought pops up in the brain. The first thought is to report to the other person. The brain is ultimately rehearsing the narration to that person. This is the gap you develop in your thinking process. You see something, you narrate it. You experience something, you narrate it. You need to take some decision, the second person does it for you. Maybe sometimes you will take the decision, but second person agreement will matter. Even before, even before you reach to the depths of decision making scenario, you discuss it directly with the other person. Basically, there is no organic thoughts coming from you. How does it affect?
Let’s take the youngsters example.
A person likes someone but is not interested to go further. Now, the other best friend insists to go further by talking about fruitful future. The words are coming from best friend’s mind a well- wisher. The person is convinced well and takes the step one by one by discussing it with the bestie. If everything goes well, then it’s the best thing that happens to him/her. What if things go wrong? After some duration, he/she realises that one should not have taken that step. Something goes wrong or he/she realises that one never wanted to be in it. Sometimes, this person is cheated up. This person was not ready for it but, the best friend forced so now this guy is left only with regrets. Whom to blame a best – friend or self ?
That’s where we say a stupid mistake of life.
To conclude, space is necessary to avoid unnecessary relationship conflicts and at the same time, necessary to nourish your mind. It is okay to take second opinion but, before that draw a clear picture in mind by yourself.

Dominating Ruler
We can find dominators everywhere. Right from the house to the professional place. Children don’t get space from parent’s love. That’s a sweet space. Whilst some children don’t get space from parent’s unhealthy interference. Some parents have the habit of tracking children’s every move. They don’t do it as a care always. They are more worried about what will society say. With this, they pressurize their children to behave the way , their parents tell. They doubt their children behavior all the time. Some parents dominate the yougner ones to do all the house chores. There are toxic parents. There are different types of parents. Such toxic parents , bullying ones or the one who overcares becomes a bad frame for the children. Caring is necessary but balancing the care is the utmost element.
If the children don’t get the necessary space, then the bonding is weaken between the child and the parent. There is more hatred and less love in the room. Besides, it affects child’s growth. This case is not just with the young children, it also happens with the adults who has to still strictly go by the parent’s rule. It affects the growth and developmet of their life in a long term.

The same thing goes for the professional place. When the boss or the colleagues tries to interefere personal life of an employee. It can be in the form of giving overload work. It can also be in the form of with no good intention trying to know most of the personal things. Indirectly, the person feels frustrated to work in such an unprofessional atmosphere.

Thus, it’s more common to hear many adults complain about how they can’t find time for their hobbies , interests or can’t think more about anything other than the mundane life.

When I get more time, I will elaborate this topic.

What are your thoughts on space? Did you ever find youself in a place wherein you were waiting to get some space from someone or something?

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