Sometimes, I don’t wish to be Google!

Sometimes I feel like I am the Google for everyone
and I don’t wish to be the one always.

When anyone wants direction in their life, they look out for me.
When anyone wants to try some new technique, they ask me.
When anyone wants to start some new business in their life,
they take my guidance from scratch.
When anyone is looking for words, they ask me.
When anyone wants to have a listener, they need me.
When anyone wants to learn some new subject, they ask me.
When anyone needs money, they ask me.

Google is the medium that provides Map, Education Resources, Business Resources, Financial Banks Apps, Dictionary and Mental Support Platforms. What would it take for people to first check on Google and available resources and learn something by themselves instead of depending on someone for full support from scratch.

Depend on others once in a while, but not all the time.

Just like not everyone values the medium Google for all the support it gives, same way when a human being does not get credit for all the resources provided then there arises the wish to be isolated.

Sometimes, it’s okay to take break from doing everything for everyone.

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