Someone Is Missing

Missing a person who never existed till now
and don’t know will ever be present in future

Wish I had someone who would greet me in the morning
making me feel its  a beautiful morning and so
its gonna be a wonderful day ahead…

 When I am about to decide  what to cook for breakfast!!
By the time wish someone with love would have already
made breakfast especially for me …
Perhaps tastiest and maybe my favorite breakfast..

 Wish I had a great work to do throughout the day…
interesting work ….I wouldn’t be bored with my job…
Wish my teammates would be fun to work with..
Wish I would learn more  new things
adding myself to be more professional…

 When I come back home
Wish someone had already prepared dinner for me…
I would just have it and sleep calmly …

 If I am not on job then also
wish someone is doing
special things only for me…
Wish I could simply enjoy
playing guitar and singing
& also having a cup of coffee at evening
with fun -filled topics to talk…

 When I am sick-
wish someone would take care of me completely ..
Wish my rooms were filled with fragrance of flowers &
hence giving me strength as well as positiveness to recover…

 Wish I could take a break from my routine life
and go out somewhere … enjoy to the fullest …
cherish every moment as if that is the last day of my life……

 Wish someone was there to listen to me …
talk about my dreams…
I could have summarized my whole day …

 Wish someone would hug me and
tell everything will be alright
and there is nothing to get worried about…

 Everyone has big wishes of skydiving,
scuba diving, para-sailing & do adventurous stuff …

For now, I wish I could play like kids again
and have that innocent behavior in me..
I wish I could sing, dance like
no one is seeing me
as if I am happy flying bird…

 Wish I could have that single day
wherein I can stop thinking about
every chaos around me
and give my mind a serene peace or relief…

 For a day if we happen to see all our little wishes being fulfilled
it feels to be so blessed and fortunate enough…

Wish life was easy for at least a single day.
I can fulfill these little wishes for others
but will anyone do that for me???


Wait a moment …
hey, am I wishing a robot with feelings??
[P.S.just kidding]
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21 thoughts on “Someone Is Missing

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  1. This is so beautiful! The post made me think about how much i miss my best friend. Thanks a lot, this is beautiful.

  2. Hannah Marie says:

    I really dig your writings skills. It has rich content and meaningful wordings. I am such a good fan of this.

  3. The world can be a very lonely place sometimes. This poem is beautifully written!

    1. It’s true that most times of our life we are lonely but what else could we do than to just live in the best way we can wish that our expected one’s would come to us

  4. I love this poem. I’m married now, but I was single for a really long time before I met him. Your feelings really resonate with how I felt back then.

  5. Alexandra Cook says:

    I want to see you write like this more. This is brilliant work here.

  6. If we are lucky enough we have much of this in our mothers, fathers, mates, and children. I am a VERY lucky person.

  7. such a good post! makes you wonder if we rely on another human. that much

  8. Tadpoles And Mud Puddles says:

    Life can be so lonely sometimes. You’re words are beautiful and I hope you know that you are never alone as long as you continue to share here.

  9. Enriqueta Lemoine says:

    What a great poem! I would love to read more like this. Life can be very lonely sometimes.

  10. I really enjoyed reading this lovely poem. It also makes you pause and think about life.

  11. You are a great poet. This is a beautiful poem. Very interesting

  12. Wish is an interesting poem. sometimes I feel its better to start doing than wishing though. Change begins with us don’t you think.

  13. Love the work, keep it going. It good and rare to see your type of article.

  14. Jen Trevino says:

    Very deep and nicely written poem. Keep up the good work!

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