Silence breaks out!

Some of you misunderstood me.
Sometimes, I tried to clear it out.
Other times, I let it go.

Some of you assumed
wrong things about me ,
Some of you created
rumors about me ,
Some of you helped deliberately
to spread those rumors,
I kept quiet.

You won in defaming me,
You won putting a tag of
a characterless person on me.
I kept quiet.

Above all kinds of unreality rumors
taking a stance of reality,
I wondered, why?
Why so much of rumors,
when there is already
lot of hidden truth to take in?
Why am I facing all kinds of hatred?
At one point there is molestation
& another point there is bullying
and then there is racism too??

We always hear racism is about
a white hating black.
But, I faced racism and brutal violence
risking my life consistentently (years ).

Rarely anyone apologised to me
for spreading fake rumours.
What will I do with these apologies
in private texts,
if my character is forever
defamed publicly?

I could not stand to clear my image,
to tell who I am,
Because you all have believed,
what you wanted to believe.
I chose to keep quiet & not fight,
because when I was misjudged
without harming anyone,
then what judgment
should I seek from
such merciless ones?

You know what happens at the end ?
You move on without realizing
what you did to someone’s life.
Someone became the victim
due to this judgemental world.

By leaving the stains of your bad deeds ,
you have succeeded in breaking a soul.

Your acts will not haunt you,
Your acts will only traumatize
the victim forever.
–Shubhi Patil(

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