Sense of Humor

Tik Tok Tik: Sense of Humor Vanishes

Sense of Humor Vanishes

Miss Tin is slim compared to normal weight. It is usual for her to be bullied by her own people or strangers for her size. She had been taking it lightly so much that sometimes she makes fun of herself too. But deep down in her mind, she had been feeling bad about her body. She has health issues and some other stress in life. Being thin was not her choice. She convinced herself that being thin due to health issues was okay because some people have thin body structure even though they are strong. Thin people often have to hear puns intended for them.


Go to kids shop to buy  your size clothes.“,

You will fly in the air.

“Are you on fast for years?”

“Do you eat air in meals?”
In the Summer holidays, Miss Tin accompanied by her group went for a Tour.
The journey to the mountains, trekking around the waterfalls, a long ride & the countless fun moments were adding to her good memories.
On one night, all of them were having dinner together. Funny conversations around went on which even included Miss Tin’s size.

Someone said,” Tin shall not have dinner, she can have water and her stomach will be full.”

As always, throughout the journey, they already passed many jokes on Tin. At some point, she lost her temper. She was almost about to blast her anger out. She controlled her anger by remembering that she has spent a good time with her friends and she doesn’t want to ruin it by showing her anger. She felt if she shows her anger and asks them not to continue such jokes on her; her friends might say,
This girl has lost her sense of humor.

While having dinner, she told everyone that she has got some game idea. She suggested that they all can play the game after dinner. Everyone agreed to it. All folks finished their dinner and went back to the spacious balcony of their room. It was a quiet night, a sky filled with stars, and cold weather. The view was beautifully surrounded by hills & other side downhill market sparkling light was photogenic. Few had taken their seat on the couches and some on the floor. By now, all were ready to begin the game while having drinks.

Miss Tin grabbed paper and pen. She started explaining the game to all.
Everyone thought maybe its a Pictionary game.
She said, “It is similar to the Pictionary game but little different. I am going to write or define someone’s personality and you have to guess that person. The same(answer) person is also in this room. So you have to guess which one suits the given personality. In case you fail to guess then I will be giving clues. Clues are easy enough to find the answer. Since the game seems to be very easy, to add up a little twist;  the whole team has to give only one answer.”
It sounded kind of boring game, yet all were curious to know what will be their description.

And the Game began!!!

Miss Tin showed her first paper/sheet.
The paper displayed,” Protecting nature. Very Caring and polite but also a funny Boy.”
The whole team started discussing, almost all of them had caring nature and are lively. It was not answerable. The only hint in question, “It’s a boy. “

There were 5 guys in the group and 3 of them almost matched up with a description. They asked for a clue.
Miss Tin put out clue paper. There was a picture of a boy having a beard & long hair, also excess hair on hands & legs. It had the caption as,
“Hairy-Hairy guy .”
The whole team turned to the guy who was very hairy and the guy himself burst out in a laugh. Someone also called him as,” Gorilla”.

The game continued:

This time Miss Tin displayed the description as,
“Adventurous, sometimes caring and lives life on his terms.”
Once again, the description did not give any right answer other than it’s another boy in the group.
Out of 5 boys, 3 were adventurous. As no one could answer it, the time for a clue.
Miss Tin showed the clue paper.
The paper was filled with black color & the title was,

“On the torch, Plz!!”

Almost everyone laughed at this clue because it has clearly shown, the guy with dark skin.

Next round:

Tin showed the description as, “Beautiful face, arrogant yet bold one.”
The clue had the drawing of a girl picture with a torn designed cloth and the label as torn clothes.
Boys laughed and looked at one girl. She was quiet. She felt bad.
They realized they should never label her as,

“Always wearing less or torn clothes.”

Time for the 4th round:

Tin displayed the paper with the description,
“Fat, Fatter, Fattest Girl”
Now that was something not good, all girls started pointing at each other. In that room, there were 3 fat girls but someone has got to be the fattest and it turned out to be embarrassing for girls.

Since only one answer is acceptable, it was time for a clue.
Tin drew the picture of a dress and wrote beside it as XXXL.
Now, the girls know who it is!

Another question was answered but the group started being quiet. They did not enjoy this game anymore. They realized Tin was trying to make some point.

No one could argue with Tin as they realized their way of making fun of her has crossed limits and it was high time to respect the way she is and not to make her feel shameless for her body size.

The game continued with signboards,
“Someone who still looks short”,
“Burp man”,
“Flirty guy”,
“Chatter box”,
“Gossip queen”,etc.
So, the night was filled with different games and all had fun.

The straight moral is:

We can make fun of people but it should be within a limit. Once in a while, body or person’s behavior joke is fine but passing humor all the time on someone can affect that person. Body shaming should not be encouraged every time. To add on, we don’t know the reason behind someone’s body. Maybe they are fighting with some illness. We don’t know about other’s life story so let’s not make them feel bad for their body appearance. Hanging around friends is obviously passing humor and sarcasm but we should be alert enough when it needs to be stopped. One can look at different features too and appreciate them the way they are! No one should feel ashamed for their body nor make someone else feel the same. 

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  1. Yes….so very true. We humans have a weird sense if humour where we can laugh at others but when someone laughs at us ,we feel insulted. A very sad plight. If we can laugh at others we should have the courage to laugh at ourselves ,seeing that again, we are not insulting the other persons dignity & are in our limits,so also do not allow others to cross their limits when they laugh at you….a fine line distinguished between humour & insult in the form of humour. So….!

    1. Yes….so very true. We humans have a weird sense if humour where we can laugh at others but when someone laughs at us ,we feel insulted. A very sad plight. If we can laugh at others we should have the courage to laugh at ourselves ,seeing that again, we are not insulting the other persons dignity & are in our limits,so also do not allow others to cross their limits when they laugh at you….a fine line distinguished between humour & insult in the form of humour. So….!

  2. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    Scense of humour is never easy to measure. we do all find various things funny. Some people just can’t laugh over the banana peel you know. Some people make joke too witty so you can’ always see it is a joke. however I do feel like people started laughing less.

  3. Adriana Martin says:

    I guess sense of humor depends on culture too, what might be funny to one is not funny to others. Interesting write up was entertaining too.

  4. monidipa51 says:

    A perfect story with a great example but I really wish if it could be applied in real life as well.

  5. It’s a very nice post. Sometimes people cross the limit of fun with hurting others.

  6. Personally, people’s teasing, slagging off or cruel comments wouldn’t / doesn’t bother me. I am quite thick skinned. Interesting way to approach the subject.

  7. This hits home. I was teased for being tall and thin for years. No one seemed to think that making fun of thin people would be upsetting but talking about an overweight person was mean! At least people think about the effects that their jokes might have — even if it takes some prodding! Cool post!

    1. Yes, Nikki. People only consider saying anything to fat ones is mean. Thank you for reading 🧡

  8. Blair villanueva says:

    Nowadays it is becoming tricky to share humour coz of many sensitives. Still good to read humours and just share it to someone who could get it.

    1. Great post pointing out the harmful use of names. Sadly, most won’t change and these stories will have to be told over and over again.

  9. I see kids bodyshaming all of the time. It’s a little disconcerting but worse if grown ups do it. And then there’s the sensitivity factor too. What one person says another may perceive wrong. Games are fun though for get togethers.

  10. I like the people have a sense of humours they make me feel laugh always. This is great story that I read today 🙂

  11. I agree with your people are not very careful. Being humorous could also hurt sentiments. There is a thin line between and most people dont understand it. One should be very careful about what they speak even if they are cracking a joke.

  12. “You will fly in the air.“ i remember those words when i was young hhhhh

  13. Kaitlyn Nicole says:

    Making other laugh at someone else’s expense is my LEAST favorite things to do… or be a part of.

  14. Body shaming has become a really problem, especially amongst young people, the fact is, no one is perfect, we all have our flaws and we should embrace difference.

  15. Uh-oh that was awkward. I feel bad for the girls who were singled out. A lot have body issues and these result to psychological problems.

  16. Beeb Ashcroft says:

    Being humorous is one thing, but never stopping is another. Joking should never involve something like someone’s weight.

  17. Humor is always a little bit on the edge and a bit borderline. But you are right it should never be done to attack a person, and definitely not done to hurt someone who struggles with something.

  18. Waren Jean Go says:

    This is a really good story. I am only 5’0 and thin and people would make fun how small I am, but to make it sound not so mean they would say I’m cute. I’ve lived with it and most of the time I would say it first before they could say it to me. That is my defence mechanism, but yes it will is never okay to point flaws.

    1. Yes Waren. I make jokes on myself too along with others. But, sometimes people need to draw some lines as we never know what is the story on other side of person. Thank you for reading 🙂

  19. That was a good story! time well spent 🙂 🙂
    people body shame! that’s one thing I’ve learnt by experience. I’ve trained myself not to…. but cannot stop other people from body shaming me or others. It’s like small talk for kids, and the internet is not helping.

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