Purity is found
when a father drops tears
after seeing the daughter in pain
when a mother forgets herself
to keep her child healthy
Purity is found
when a daughter treats
her parents as her children
when a son calls
his parents as best friends
Purity is found
when an aunt’s priority is
her niece’s & nephew’s happiness
when the uncle wants to be a godfather
to his niece and nephew
Purity is found
when a sister’s love towards her sibling
is the strongest bond in the family
when a brother take the responsibility
of protecting his sibling
Purity is found
when a grandfather wants to
only hear the grandchildren giggles
when a grandmother wants to
make her grandchildren fat
Purity is found
when the husband and wife
are the best example of telepathy
Purity is found
when a friend is not just a companion
but a listener with an act
Purity is found
in every form of nature’s creativity
in every positive vibes
in every truth and blissful love
in the gentle caress and warm hugs…

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