Pouring Out Emotions


I am true to myself. My strength is me.

I don’t expect appreciations for the efforts I put in to make other’s life better.

A silence would be much encouraging for me to continue my deeds.

 a hatred towards my efforts,

a zero value to my diligence,

a disrespect to my sacrifices,

and framing my identity as someone else instead of my real identity,

hurts me a lot. Yes, a lot!

It breaks me emotionally, when my people do not recognize my value.

After doing everything for everyone, I have none beside me.

No one speaks about strengths, they speak only the weaknesses.

I lost myself in taking care of everyone. As I stand in front of the mirror, I see my past tense saying to me, “You would have stayed beautiful. You would have been better, but you chose to destroy yourself for the ones who don’t realize your worth.”

I have learnt that people I love will not necessarily love me back in the same manner. We cannot expect everyone to have empathy skills. Empathy skills is a rare thing. You cannot expect all to have same good perception. We cannot guarantee finding someone understanding and well-communicating.

The person who was once ambitious, hard-worker, and dreamed of doing something great can have an unexpected life. Never giving up soul may resemble a hopelessness.  It is as good as living a hidden life that no one knows.

I will never get the time of my life that I let others use it. Back then, they did not realize what they were doing to me. At present, they will continue to use the existence of my time and yet, show to the world that I don’t exist.

I cannot wish to go back in the time-machine and fix everything for myself.

Because life’s reality has kicked me in such a cruel way, that I live with its flow of scribbled paths instead of wishes and dreams.

Not everyone needs to know about everyone’s story.

Not all stories are shared publicly.

Not everyone’s life story is visible to people.

Life throws challenges like a video game. The only difference is you can get another chance to restart the video- game. You cannot get another chance to restart the life game.

Life is indeed short because it is unpredictable. The timings and moments of life is no doubt pretty short because we cannot reverse it. 

Use Your One Time Life Wisely.


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  1. It is important to have people who and support you. It makes life easier and better. Take risks to make the most of your short life.

    Great words

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