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I always loved capturing photos. I could do it well with any device. Beginning with kodak rolls, Vga to Lumia and at last, I brought my first Nikon D5200 in the year 2017. I generally use Nikon 55-200mm lense.
I love taking Bokeh photography.


I have a Flickr account wherein I am not really much active now. Like other websites nowadays, Flickr has also come up with the benefits for premium members and that’s where free members can lose out the views on their profile. My account is free. But, through Flickr, I got a chance to get real feedback from top photographers.

The first photo that got qualified for Flickr Explore is this one which also got 10k views within a day. Something which I did not expect as I have not shared it anywhere else. The favorite likes are higher than what it shows on the public page which is not a good thing. Wish it could show real favs. Many people have the same issue on their profile.

Here is the link to this pink flower:

Pink Daisy Flower

The below pic was captured through Nokia Lumia 920.

Bokeh somehwere unnoticed in bushes

Another Bokeh through Nikon AF-S.


Can you guess what it is?
pack of reflections


Messages in the bottle




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  1. I always enjoy a good picture. I have several on my cellphone to use them as backgrounds. Loved the flower pict! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Michael David Oyco says:

      Nice photos. Did you study any course regarding taking photos? I want to take that kind of photos too. Great

      1. Thank you Michael πŸ™‚ I did it by myself but you can select the courses I posted above which is helpful for beginners as well as intermediate level.

  2. Those are lovely pictures. I really like how you have the main focus sharp and clear and the rest fades out into the background. I just got a Nikon 3400 and have been enjoying it so far.

  3. Your photos are absolutely stunning! You have a real talent, and I love that you seek out advice and tips from professionals, too, great way to grow!!

  4. I love photography very much, I’ve always considered it a way to tell what I can not say in words or in writing. They are endless emotions.

  5. Photography is one of my favorite things especially when traveling. I also love good bokeh in my photos.

  6. These photos are gorgeous! I am glad that you love taking photos because they are so great!

  7. Your pictures are stunning. You seem to capture each object so perfectly. Each one seems to have a story to tell. It’s truly inspiring.

  8. Beautifully captured those images. I need to learn photography I know basic but for advance level I have to take proper classes

  9. Cristina Coroiu says:

    Great photos. I also love Nikon and have two cameras as well. I love taking photos with them πŸ™‚

  10. Your skills are out of this world. The pictures are stunning. Thank you for sharing these with us.. might try the beginner course you’ve recommended.

  11. Nice. With my kids growing up so fast, I find myself taking more pictures to capture the moments, but sometimes they end up not being very well taken. This post would help

  12. I took photography in high school. I learned to shoot and develop film which is very different than using a digital camera.

  13. Alexandra Cook says:

    Taking simple pictures is the way to do it. It is fun, light hearted and really makes us look at things differently!

  14. i always agree that pictures can tell stories by themselves. Great opportunities wait for those who really are blessed to have such skill in photography.

  15. Krystle Cook says:

    I love everything that has to do with photography. So many simple captures turn out to be the most beautiful.

  16. You are such a pro! I love the focus in your images! Sometimes, I use my phone to take photos and I’d absolutely love it if I had such good focus.

  17. Love your photos. I am an art lover and I am fond of nature so when I see some good shots of the outdoors, it brings me peace.

  18. christine a says:

    Great pictures! I have thought of buying a Nikon as well. Appreciate the recommendation.

  19. bmcharnley says:

    Photography is my absolutely favorite! I think blogging really brought it out in me! Such a fun hobby

  20. There is something about taking a beautiful photograph, of capturing the moment on film forever more!

  21. Thank you for this! I am working on getting better with my photography. I love to take a bunch of photos!

  22. These are some really amazing photos. I wish I could take amazing photos like this. Nikon AF-s results is awesome.

  23. i am in love with photography. i’ve always liked looking at it, but recently started doing it myself and it is wonderful.

  24. omg these photos, soooo artistic and super creative. Just amazing! Never stop taking photos please.

  25. i don’t much about cameras but have always lusted over the ones that could capture as amazing quality as those are! how stunning!

  26. Your macro flower pic is really gorgeous! I also shoot on Nikon as well, it’s a great camera!

  27. I am so glad that you like photography! I think it is a wonderful hobby that a lot of people can relate too!

  28. I love looking at beautiful pictures! I’ve never heard of flicker but I’d definitely try it out! Especially if it’s going to take awesome photos!

  29. Aishwarya Shenolikar says:

    You sure have an eye for detail! Love all these photos !

    1. Hannah Marie says:

      You have great eyes to see amazing pictures. You can take fantastic photos in so many ways. I am absolutely thrilled.

  30. Tadpoles And Mud Puddles says:

    I wish I could take pictures like that. I love the grain picture. You’re really good.

  31. Hannah Marie says:

    You have great eyes to see amazing pictures. You can take fantastic photos in so many. I am absolutely thrilled.

  32. Nice photographs, I love taking photos. nowadays mainly I focus on food photography as it is needed for my blog.

  33. It looks like we have similar tastes in photography. I do love taking photos and getting as much bokeh effect as possible. I also have the same Nikon camera that you have. Great shots that you have there maybe you can also try uploading them to stock photo sites. Keep on practicing.

    1. Thank you 😊 I haven’t tried uploading on stock sites yet. I will think about it

  34. I always wanted to click pictures like you did. Did you learn photography course or you are self learner?

      1. Since I was in my high school I like to capture beautiful sceneries and memorable events. but because of limited resources, I was not able to buy professional camera. I have an android phone now that more or less my tool to make this childhood dream a reality.

  35. Eileen M Loya says:

    I am planning to get my own dslr this year. I am also looking at a Nikon brand. I love photography since I was a young girl, however, I got lost in the task of raising a family. I do take flower photos a lot.

  36. Nice pictures. You are an amazing photographer. I wish I had these skills. I am working to improve mine.

  37. Those were a stunning photos. I love photography too and don’t have enough knowledge and skills. This inspires me so much.

  38. Elena Toma says:

    My dad has Nokia Lumia and I couldn’t believe how amazing is the camera. These pictures are really beautiful !

  39. musingsandadventureswriter says:

    Those a re real lovely photos and I wonder if you can take them with a smartphone. I have some similar but I used an app on my phone.

  40. These photos are stunning. My husband also loves taking photos and I just shared your post with him.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  41. I wish I could be as good as you are. I love the pictures and I believe this is talent along with some products. Photography is an art and few people are great at it.

  42. Great photos. Sure you have a talent with cameras and it is really impressive. Cannot wait to see more.

  43. Geraline Batarra says:

    Wow, the pictures are so great…! Very high quality and nice editing.. Nikon is really a must have camera.. 😊

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