People are failing against Covid.

When I step outside the house, I can just count the number of mistakes people are doing while fighting against Covid. Despite of the awareness of covid for 4 months, people still don’t want to take this pandemic seriously.

1] Blind Belief

Many people educated or uneducated believe that corona cannot afffect certain locations. It will only affect certain group of community or places. Some people have taken it completely wrong. They believe corona will only affect a particular religion and rest of the religions are safe. So, the best way to fight is to not interact with that religion people.

2] No knowledge

Even though most of us have acces to the Internet which makes us get the knowledge of covid safety tips , some are not fortunate enough to get a single knowledge. With the internet sources safety tips, people still fail to follow the rules. On the contrary, there are people who don’t have any communication connection such as internet or education places. This is where they don’t understand what’s going on in other side of world which makes them not follow even the basic rule of wearing mask.

3] Failures in Hospitals

A big salute to all the doctors and nurses who are sacrificing their life to work hard to fight against covid. But, in some hospitals the story is not the same. Nurses,assistant doctors, management and accounting departments in most of the hospitals are failing to follow the basic rules. Many are removing their masks during the work. They remove it while talking or doing the work. They are careless about sanitization. Without sanitized hands they touch patients or any other surfaces. These people have cold and cough but they still seem to continue working without taking any precaution for themselves and others. I have seen many rubbing their nose and using same hands for work. The patients and their family members are doing the same mistakes. People carrying babies, use mask for themselves but then use their hands to rub own nose or touch their babies.

4] Failures everywhre

The grocery stores or shop keepers have stopped using masks and no sanitization. The same hands are used to contact with every customers. The same goes for vegetable vendors. While the seller fails to stick with the rules, most of the customers are more dumb. They don’t maintain social distance. They don’t use masks and still hang out in crowd along with their social groups.

5] Lockdown vs Covid

During the lockdown period, many building societies enjoyed musical chairs, dance programs and gettogether meals everyday. The social acitivites with all the building people without any rules is the stupidity people don’t seem to understand this pandemic. We should cheer up ourselves during the lockdown but not by risking everyone else’s life.
Majority of people have half knowledge. They think lockdown over means covid over. Half relaxation lockdown is also assumed as covid time over.

6] Attitudes and Egoism

The hardest thing during covid for many families is having a wrong attitude family member. A family member who does not follow any of the rules thereby puts the whole family at risk of covid infection.

While many citizens are failing to fight against covid, the innocent citizens have to face the consequences regardless of taking precautions. Sadly, although the police team is working very hard at many places. This thing is not true in many places. The police and govt team is allowing quarantine people to roam freely. They just ask people to take photos and send it to department and go back to their home. The same set of quarantined people are hanging out together with other people and are allowed to not maintain any social distance. Don’t depend on sanitized bottles used at every entrance of malls or other places. They are using more water spray and less sanitizer. This will not be useful for disinfecting your hands. It’s better to carry your own sanitizer otherwise don’t use your hands on your face without washed hands.

The only possible way to save yourself from being infected is to take precaution for yourself as much as possible. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Until the vaccine is produced , we can fight together and reduce the infection spread.


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