Patient knows better than Doctor

I have spent most of my life in hospital for myself or for my family members especially for my mother. Through my experiences I can say this sometimes patient has more knowledge than doctors. I am not talking about expert and good doctors. I am talking about fraud ones. It becomes a question how did they becomes doctor on the first place? Donations, corruptions and settings are producing actors rather than doctors. Today, I will be sharing some of the bad and funny experiences from my hospital diary and will be updating it whenever I get time to write down.

1] Once my mom slipped on floor. We went to hospital but there was not much visible injury. Doctors took our details and decided to loot us. They asked to get xrays from their own place and told us she can never walk and she has to replace her both legs. We need to undergo urgent surgery otherwise it will be risk for her life. Since only me and mom were staying together, I had to take care of everything. Living in a place without elevator and up and downs whole day. Managing altogether affected my career. I could not attain classes and made ourselves busy with fake treatments. This affected my career and it affected our emotional life. We were sad to know she will be losing her legs soon. After few months we moved to another city and did her xray again . Turns out she was in no need of any surgery nothing. We wasted our months in tensions and we were ready for the surgery. Luckily moving to other place made us realize that reports and doctors were fake.

2] Once my mom got hand fracture. The doctor was unable to communicate that there is need of operation. I asked him multiple times is there a need of operation. He was unable to answer. He said no no .He gave stomach upset medicines for hand injury.  Then he was unable to answer any of our questions. 4 days of visits he could not say there is need of operation. He said no need of operation. When I asked the method and said that’s what you call operation. He says no that is not operation and he moved to another room. Then a nurse like maid came and told me don’t ask questions to doctor , he don’t understand what to answer.  He made us visit his brother’s hospital for heart test which was unnecessary. There the cardiologist said yes ecg required for operation. So, yes there was need of operation but this doctor was neither able to say the word operation and nor could he explain the procedure of operation and treatment. Coming to the cardiologists, he created serious scenario. He said mom got high bp and she is supposed to do blood test every 3 days. She can’t go for the treatment of hand injury without getting blood and high bp reports normal. He also said her bp is so high she will lose her life so give her table right now instantly. We will have to wait for hand operation for 3months or more. Right there I knew he is a fake doctor. We went immediately to lab nearby and checked her bp it was normal. We immediately moved to another hospital and the treatment could happen without operation.

3] My mom  was supposed to use stockings for varicose nerves but she had injury on leg which could not be cured without using stockings. After the dressing, the wrong stocking were not fitting up. The assistant doctor said let her wear the stockings then do the dressing on the stocking. (Brilliant answer) .

4] We admitted dad in midnight for kidney reason. I told doctor he also has heart problem and I used the words artery and vein. The doctor had to confirm the words and then he said he don’t understand it. Once we got the reports, I could read the reports but he could not. He said ,”There is need of urgent operation and the patient may not survive.”
I sat and explained the reports to him. Then he said he will speak with senior doctors . The result is there was no need of operation and no scene of life risk. Just had to spend few days of treatment and 1 day admit.

When the assistant doctors are posted for emergency duties , I guess that’s where not all patients can be saved or given the right treatment.

5] A popular doctor of the city but also a money minded guy told me that there are no mental patients. He told me stories of mental patients. He said there are no mental patients , there are only bad behavior people. We should lock them in jail cellar and give them no food and they will come on track. That was very shocking for me as he belives that’s the best treatment for mental patients and he sent some of his patients to such a place. There is a hospital which keeps jail/cellar wherein the patient is kept without family visit and no food for days. They are tortured and sent back again.

6]  The neuroglogist did lazy walk and met patients with dumb smile. He asked about marriage n number of children to all. He could just hit with the hammer on patient and do dance with his neck. He could not diagnose anyone’s issues but loot the people by giving wrong medicines. Since he could not diagnose and gave wrong meds. I had to explain how my surgery happened and how issues have risen post surgery and what treatment I need. He then gave me fever medicines and said he does not have much knowledge on nerves. (Yes, he is nerurologist). Every serious patient had to waste hours at his place and be moved by themselves to other hospitals because this actor did not even know how to check people.

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