Partiality -the everyone’s enemy

From the time we are born till the time we are gone out of this world, it is a consistent competition for us to live in this biased world. Some of us will learn the way of avoiding such unfair actions by others. Why some people have this partiality quality? Why can’t one think twice about how their favoritism actions can affect the unfavoritism one.

A little baby and a toddler are competing with their siblings to be a better child to their parents, grandparents , aunts and uncles. When the adults compare which one is smarter, which one is talented, which one is funnier, which one is a troubled child or which one is a silent child, the children know it. Children know that they are being compared.

When through out the life parents only show more love to one child over another one. There is an imbalance of love. When one child makes all mistakes and get rid of it, the other child has to face the consequences despite of being the innocent one. There is an injustice in a day to day life in the own family.

When all students are studying equally in the school /college, teachers favor only the selected ones. When everyone is paying fees equally, then why only selected students get all the benefits?

When it comes to promotion, appreciation, or a team award , sometimes a non-productive employee gets all the credits.

The little thing turns to be a big thing that is a social media. When we upload our original work certain group of people don’t like it. When our same original work is shared by someone else, they like it. We keep wondering what did I miss? Why no one likes me?

Partiality is one of the crucial elements in developing a human being and the way it affects the mental health.

When babies/toddlers are being compared by the adults, the ignored babies are looking for adult’s affection and attention. They feel neglected and isolated. They want adult’s attention of love all the time. A clinginess is the result of ignorance.

In the growing age, one child feel disappointed often when the parents only praise the other child. Siblings rivalry begins at the very young age because of parent’s imbalanced affection towards them. When the other sibling is always praised and appreciated, the child feels hopeless. No matter how hard I try, my sibling is only the best one. Slowly, right at the growing age, the child starts feeling separated from the family. This can even affect the actual confidence level of a child in social places.
Hesitation, loneliness, low self-esteem and sometimes anxiety are some of the common issues developed due to the ignored behavior by the family.

In the school/colleges, when the student does not get the deserved remarks and resources, the hatred is developed towards the teachers and the institute. During this growing age, a lot of anger adds to the person’s personality which can change the one into having a bad attitude or hating everyone else. Some can feel frustrated and cross the limits of showing the anger around the school/college with a violent act. While others will even decide to drop the course or just to get away with it as early as possible. Instead of holding good school/college memories which are one of the important part of young life, one will live with the bad memories for the rest of their life which is an unpleasant thing and it is unchangeable.

At the professional place, when non-productive colleagues are often appreciated or favored & even grab a promotion, we realise it is a total unfair world. Each day we work hard and the credit is taken away by someone else. We start losing interest in the work. We force ourselves to work because we need salary too. But, someday enough is enough and we resign.

At the end, that little social media thing, one like on posts can change someone’s feeling. Each like makes the person happy. Each ignorance every time make the person feel lonely. Yes, one like on the post has the power to change someone’s feeling instantly. Especially, when you know your work is best and it is originally made by you, but when the same work gets more applaud by the people who ignored you that’s where you feel something is wrong with you. But, no ,nothing is wrong with you. If the people can’t appreciate the original work, then that shows their biased personality.

Each and every action of favoritism has impact on everyone’s mind. Stop doing partiality because we are not doing it only for the limited time, we are actually planting bad memories into someone’s mind. We are making them feel that they don’t belong here. That someone definitely do not deserve to live with such unwanted treatment. Partiality is an action that breaks someone emotionally which cannot be erased.

Do the little changes in your life, treat everyone equally.

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