Bloggers around the World

Bloggers around the world

I am writing this post based on what I observed. I previously wrote this article focusing mainly on Indian bloggers. This time I am updating it by taking into consideration the bloggers around the world.

Blogging has turned out to be the most common thing all around the world. It is also a taboo that only an unemployed people write blogs. But, the truth is even an employed ones love blogging. Earlier, bloggers were considered as only writers platform. Over a period of time, it has turned into a writing personal life. The usage of blogging platform for each one of us differ as per our requirements. Some of us write here to share thoughts or experiences while rest may write related to teaching or business purpose. 

Indian Bloggers

Indian Bloggers

It does not feel good to write that most of the Indian bloggers are not really good at appreciating other’s blogs. I can clearly say most of the Indian bloggers are lacking exposure. A few years back, I came in touch with USA & UK group and I happen to understand how hard they are working for getting readers to their blogs. There were few more Indians but, it was really disesteeming to see how those Indians were only interested in sharing their own blogs and not going through others. Everyone started complaining about Indian members and yet these fellows shamelessly continued to exist in the community to get readers only for their own blogs. 

Back in those days, Indian bloggers were not doing it well. But in 2019 some of the bloggers are participating. Although the ratio is very low. If there are 10 Indian bloggers then only 4 will actively participate.



(From the observation of a group which was specifically created only for Indian Bloggers and no one else was allowed from another country) When the technique of connecting Indian Bloggers was being started; out of thousands of bloggers, hardly 4 or 5 were actively involved. There are good helping Indian bloggers and definitely, we don’t want to defame them because of some irresponsible bloggers.

Bloggers around the world

Bloggers around the world

In my previous paragraph, I praised other countries in the World. What is the statistics of 2019?

Slowly, others are also failing to help fellow bloggers. Even with a clear idea of the Blogging Planet, not everyone is able to keep up the task of reading others work.  We are now able to find that some are participating in the reciprocation but not really completing it . We can see people are just skipping away with the lies of already reciprocated. 

SEO is hard to break

SEO is hard to break

We are all aware of the changing SEO techniques and analytics going around. People who were gaining profit through their site are now unable to see the same level of returns. SEO techniques have expanded. The number of blogs in today’s stats is greater than the previous data. Because of this reason, it becomes difficult to stand your article on the first page of search engine. The ranking is unpredictable now unless you have a unique topic. So, everyone definitely needs multi ways of bringing traffic to their blog.
The tougher the competition to break the SEO rank, the toughest it is to maintain the connections through social media network. 

Networking is vital

Networking is vital

Blogging is not at all easier than sayings. We need to spend time thinking and writing. The next step is to follow up on the SEO guidelines. Then, the person has to start connecting with the people. We can not just post and leave. No one is going to see unless it’s shared. No one is going to see unless it’s shared 100 plus more times. The content should be the best. But, just writing content won’t work anymore.

You need to connect with people to let them know why they should read your articles. You have to read other people blogs so that they read yours. You need to credit other people work so that they think of giving feedback to your blogs too. Unfortunately, the sharing platform has reduced. People are not reading articles on previous shared platforms. Some of the platforms have also started charging for uploading a blog sample. Presently, sharing is mainly limited to Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to receive a good response.  




Respect other’s work

Respect other's work

As mentioned earlier bloggers are the writers, exception sellers and photographers.  As per my observation, we are failing as writers community. Somewhere in the competition world, we have lost the true meaning of a writer. Thousands of bloggers have moved to their own site. Of course in the world of competition, who don’t want a personal site. But, amidst lies few bloggers who can’t afford Domain & Hosts. Hence, they proceed with a free site.  Such free sites usually lose the ranking in SEO.

Every blogger wants to get attention from readers but, are they giving back the same attention to other bloggers?  Are the contents appropriate or it’s only about copying someone else’s content? We see people who write gibberish, hence, do not hold any meaningful content but still do their best through Marketing Strategy.

As bloggers, one must be open to appreciations as well as criticism. Many writers fail to accept criticism. They find it aggressive. Critics will help us improve and leaving a true feedback will help the person to come up with a better article. We need to uplift each other to achieve our goals. 

Around the world, bloggers are usually amongst these 7 categories:

1] To earn only through Ads, content is secondary



earn money by writing

Yes, everyone needs to earn. Blogging through affiliate links, sponsorship and ads display is helpful for many people. Blogging can definitely act as the only source or as an alternative for earning purpose.


2]To get fame

I want to be famous

Some fellows have misunderstood that blogging is one of the steps to become popular.

3]To get readers only for own blog

Just Read Me


4]Let everyone read my diary


coffee and diary

5]Blogging is what anyone can do so I will also do it. Write anything !!!


6]Writing is what I love to do and don’t care whether I get readers or not.

idc meme


7]And there are another bunch of people who think once they have started blogging, they can publish their own book too. P.S. publishing book is a good thing as long as you are not naive & your content attract readers.


As the quote says,“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that”


I am thankful to the people who had been taking out time from their busy schedules and genuinely helping other writers with their honest feedback.



The amount of time you spend in sharing your links on all social platforms, try to give half of that time to read other’s blogs too.

” A coterie of writers can lead to a better writing world.” Everyone has to come forward and be involved actively in encouraging others by keeping everyone’s work alive.

quote on writer


Check this link to know more about how to start your own blogging site :
Want to be a blogger?

How do I check my Blog?

On this Page, Check Menu -> Category and select your favorite category to read different posts. 




Ignorance is bliss!

There Comes A Time, When You Have To Ignore An Ignorant Person!



Hypocrite Society

Being Virgin Is Physically Hard. Being Non-Virgin Is Mentally hard.

It is difficult for men to accept a virgin woman in her middle or later age because it is physically hard. Another group of men do not accept a non-virgin woman because a non-virgin man is acceptable in the society but a non-virgin woman is a sin. It’s mentally hard for men to accept non-virgin woman because some call it as a natural thinking of men.

Somewhere the society have changed and are still changing but amidst the different generations, there are men who don’t care about the virgin status. It’s all about person’s behavior and understanding in a relationship.

OCD Is Not A Joke!




“OCD” is not a joke.
OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) is one of the common jokes heard around the couples and friends. It is quite annoying to see the people using the term OCD without knowing its in- depth definition. It is annoying for the people who live every day with a real OCD person. Annoying is not an offensive expression here. It is the level of frustration people go through while living with the OCD member and come across the funny jokes on it.

It is not how it is shown in the entertainment shows. It is not how the jokes are passed. In Friends series, there is a character namely Monica, who has the habit of cleaning house. It looks funny for the audience.
But, it is not funny when the same thing happens in the real life.

In celebrity interviews, many couples tell about their partner having OCD. She/he likes the house to be kept clean. She/he wants the pillow to be in right positions usually. There are laughs and jokes around such small things. Whereas in reality, that partner is clumsy and not really OCD.
In social media posts, we see people often crack jokes of OCD.

There is nothing wrong in having a sense of humor. Even some OCD people would joke about themselves. On the other hand, people are living a dysfunction family life because of a OCD family member.

The truth is OCD is never a joke about just someone who want things to be neat and clean. OCD person will not be happy over servants/maids doing all the job.
OCD person creates a stressful atmosphere for the whole family. Doctors believe it is difficult for the patient to live with OCD. But, the truth is , it is very difficult for others living with a OCD person. A person who has OCD will make everyone follow their rules. Anyone going against the rules, will have to face a terrible drama. By the term drama, it is not funny again. It is a set of exhausting arguments or one can even face a physical harm.

Are all OCD people harmful? Is it difficult for everyone to live with OCD patient? Do we even use the word patient for them?

Every mental disorder has stages. The symptoms develop slowly. In the similar way, OCD habits get multiplied slowly. Once it reaches higher stage, the rate of developing OCD habits increments faster. Therefore, every OCD person’s behaviour is different from each other. Some have minor habits throughout life while some have continuous formation of different habits every day.


OCD is a mental disorder. It makes the person perform the same work repeatedly, rethink the same thought repeatedly, and always live in doubts. Such people are not only obsessed with thoughts and work but also with another person, pet or a religious thoughts and actions.
There are around 10 or more OCD types. This disorder has also the possibility of relating to another mental disorder.

Should OCD person feel bad for being a trouble to others ? Not at all. Majority of OCD people will not realize their habits troubling others. In other way, the best method is to take the treatment and counselling. OCD can be controlled completely at the earliest. One can take the treatment, counselling and follow up certain mental health programs in order to cure from it. On the contrary, some of the psychologist/psychiatrist don’t seem to take OCD disorder seriously. They just diagnose and do not insist the treatment or any changes. Hence, the major steps should be taken by the patient and the doctor to find the methods of getting rid from OCD disorder.

In this OCD series, we will see different types, symptoms, habits, experiences, daily routine life, and how it affects other members of family/friends.



Communication and Emotions
How to control anxiety at night time?
7 Things To Avoid In Online Mental Help

Leaf and Leaves

Pencil Art
Art is the best mind therapy 🙂





Communication and Emotions

You need to learn expressing all kinds of emotions. Communication skill is a basic step for all kinds of relationship.

Any kind of relationship requires communication. Be it personal(family,friends) or professional life, everything depends on the communication path.

Without communication, one cannot express the right emotion. A gap of communication leads to misunderstandings.  Without communication, relationship become weaker.

The quote, “Ignorance is a bliss” cannot be applied everywhere.
If we ignore someone’s care and someone’s emotions, then the bridge of communication will eventually disappear.

In other words, listening to other person and interacting with them, will raise the value for each other. The one who fails to build the relations through genuine efforts will not get enough respect from others.

Some of us fail to express emotions to others. While we are good at listening to others, we shall also make an effort to express ourselves well.  

Remember, no relationship can ever work out in one way. The definition of relationship involves two or more people. Hence, it is always expected to have things balanced in both the ways. One person cannot balance the relationship forever. When someone tries to balance the relation all alone, then the relationship does not last longer.

Ego is of-course considered as an enemy in all the relations. Set aside your egoism and apologize whenever it is necessary. Never disrespect others and don’t lose your self -respect while managing any kinda relationship. Not to forget, communication is only possible when there is a real-understanding between relationships.

Do you know why do we feel connected to music?
We hear it. We listen to it consciously. Thus, we feel it. Music is a form of communication that spreads peace and truth.

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