Is Life Fair Or Unfair?

At some point of our life, we feel life is unfair to us. We often come across the circumstances wherein we ask ,”Why me?“. We

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11 Ways To Control Your Anger šŸ˜ 

There are days when we feel annoyed with someone or something and there are lots of shuffled reasons leading to anger in our mind. We

Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, I planned to highlight the swearing. It’s weird, why people use a woman for abusing others? Why do we use the profanity words

Being Delusionist !!!

“Delusion the way to live the positive lifeĀ .” Literally speakingĀ ,Ā “AĀ delusionĀ is a belief that is held with a strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

The Voice For Freedom

What freedom means to you? Freedom is getting rid of all the restrictions. It is stepping above the limitations. Freedom for me is as same

When it comes to work, what kind of person are you?

When you readĀ  the title,Ā “When it comes to work, what type of person are you?“,Ā what first thing comes to your mind about yourself?On the general

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