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Broad-minders, you are different from them(Orthodox and Narrow) because you saw things to the levels that they did not. You read things and believed it happening.

They read the same and experienced something else happen to them. Hence, when they saw something happening against their readings but real to the experience, they choose own experience as knowledge rather than other’s experience through readings.

Example: A man is treated untouchable by other high caste system. Due to this experience, the person will believe his own experience rather  than the text in the book. The book consists of the pages showing how there is unity in diversity. But, when the reality is harsh, people won’t accept the book language. This man will develop hatred towards upper caste or other caste people. The same things will be passed on to the next generation. This leads to a narrow mind thinking for generations.

On the contrary, if the man thinks from a different perception then the things will be different. He can think that whatever happened to him shall not happen to anyone else. So, he won’t repeat what happened to him to others. He will tell others to never treat anyone as untouchable. This is broad mind thinking.

Now, the person whose family had been living for generations with the thoughts of treating other’s as lower or higher caste is an orthodox mind.

This was just one scenario.

The family that brings you up, feeds the seeds of orthodox thereby, developing the narrow mind.

The rhetorical question arises, what about the broad mind ones who are brought up under orthodox people? How do they get different quality of mind against their family origin mind set?

The education centers, friends, the society and most importantly own belief and perception towards the sensational and controversial topics makes the person different.

Isn’t everyone exposed to the same controversial news? If so, how come another person brought up in orthodox sticks to narrow mind?
The difference is the one who choses to be different does not let someone else rule them in the family. They share their views without fearing about anyone’s critics.

The one who remains to live with the narrow mind are of two types people: Person who blindly follows family rules and beliefs.
Another one disagrees with the rules and hence, is not happy to live with it but does not have guts to stand against the family beliefs/rules.

This is the situation, when anything outside or any family member seems to be against their family values/principals, they talk. They call those things bad and gossip about it. They have their own world of right things wherein everything else what others do is considered to be wrong.

There is a fine line between broad and narrow mind people. Broad mind people will discuss the matters. They will look out for solutions. They will appreciate the good things. They are not hypocrites unlike narrow mind people. Narrow mind people pass critics on most people. They visualize themselves as perfectly idealized people. They gossip and have negative perception usually.

Looking at the today’s world, people have already changed for good in terms of many things. But, it is not a completely developed world in terms of thinking quality. It’s still in the process.

What’s your quality of thoughts?

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