Old Newspaper and Cloth Bags

A trending business idea is bag made out of papers and clothes. In the olden days, people used cloth bags. Later on, everyone moved to plastic bags. As the plastic bags got banned in many places around the world, people have started realizing the importance of cloth bags.


After and all, we want to save our green earth.

  • If everyone else starts making this business, then will there be any chance for profit?
  • Common business plan will lead to tougher competition path?

Old Newspaper/Paper/Cloth Bags:

  • This business will never face tough competition.
  • The demand for the product will always be higher.
  • Anyone can set up the business at any time from any where.
  • No age issue
  • Not much financial investment
  • No need of big industry set up
  • Don’t need permission of anyone for local uses.


Industry Use

The bigger industries will require license permissions.
It is always advisable to check the rules of your city before starting any scale of business.People who want to have their big brand name can have a manufacturing unit. Although, the space required for this work purpose is usually small. The size of the unit depends totally on the business owner’s plan. Business people can set up the auto machine to create bags through paper or clothes.The material supply used for paper and cloth bag can also be chosen by the business person itself. Apart from auto-machines, having huge number of employees will be useful to produce manually or with the help of sewing machines.

Home Use

On another hand, apart from bigger industries, anyone can do this business right from the house.Whenever you need to buy the materials from outside, look out for cheap market places in your location. You can bring the material at low cost but sell it in bulk at better cost. You can use the old newspapers or any brown papers ,craft papers and Fevicol/gum , scissors to create the bags. If you have the sewing machines at home, you can create bags out of unused clothes at home. You can even buy less cost clothes from the market and create bulk of bag supply. People who don’t have machines, can do the same business by stitching bags manually.


Cost of the product

The cost per bag should be cheap. For eg: 2 INR to 5INR per bag.
The present condition in the market is:
People are selling the same from the beginning price of 20 INR for small bags.
Keep the price of the bag cheap so that you can earn more genuine customers for long term duration.


  • You can have specific size bags or variety of bags supply.
  • Decorated bags are much appreciated for fashion purpose.

    This business will not require excess physical work and it is easier to widen the business plan. It is simple and fun to do work. One can have the center at one location and deliver the products to different cities or countries.


The target of the customer is wide:

  • Working or non-working everyone  will need these type of bags.
  • House purpose
  • Hotels
  • Any Stores except liquid products
  • Hospitals
  • Schools/Institutes,etc.


Remember every business requires your own additional ideas and creativity is much needed element.

The more details will be added soon.

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