OCD Is Not A Joke!




“OCD” is not a joke.
OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) is one of the common jokes heard around the couples and friends. It is quite annoying to see the people using the term OCD without knowing its in- depth definition. It is annoying for the people who live every day with a real OCD person. Annoying is not an offensive expression here. It is the level of frustration people go through while living with the OCD member and come across the funny jokes on it.

It is not how it is shown in the entertainment shows. It is not how the jokes are passed. In Friends series, there is a character namely Monica, who has the habit of cleaning house. It looks funny for the audience.
But, it is not funny when the same thing happens in the real life.

In celebrity interviews, many couples tell about their partner having OCD. She/he likes the house to be kept clean. She/he wants the pillow to be in right positions usually. There are laughs and jokes around such small things. Whereas in reality, that partner is clumsy and not really OCD.
In social media posts, we see people often crack jokes of OCD.

There is nothing wrong in having a sense of humor. Even some OCD people would joke about themselves. On the other hand, people are living a dysfunction family life because of a OCD family member.

The truth is OCD is never a joke about just someone who want things to be neat and clean. OCD person will not be happy over servants/maids doing all the job.
OCD person creates a stressful atmosphere for the whole family. Doctors believe it is difficult for the patient to live with OCD. But, the truth is , it is very difficult for others living with a OCD person. A person who has OCD will make everyone follow their rules. Anyone going against the rules, will have to face a terrible drama. By the term drama, it is not funny again. It is a set of exhausting arguments or one can even face a physical harm.

Are all OCD people harmful? Is it difficult for everyone to live with OCD patient? Do we even use the word patient for them?

Every mental disorder has stages. The symptoms develop slowly. In the similar way, OCD habits get multiplied slowly. Once it reaches higher stage, the rate of developing OCD habits increments faster. Therefore, every OCD person’s behaviour is different from each other. Some have minor habits throughout life while some have continuous formation of different habits every day.

OCD is a mental disorder. It makes the person perform the same work repeatedly, rethink the same thought repeatedly, and always live in doubts. Such people are not only obsessed with thoughts and work but also with another person, pet or a religious thoughts and actions.
There are around 10 or more OCD types. This disorder has also the possibility of relating to another mental disorder.

Should OCD person feel bad for being a trouble to others ? Not at all. Majority of OCD people will not realize their habits troubling others. In other way, the best method is to take the treatment and counselling. OCD can be controlled completely at the earliest. One can take the treatment, counselling and follow up certain mental health programs in order to cure from it. On the contrary, some of the psychologist/psychiatrist don’t seem to take OCD disorder seriously. They just diagnose and do not insist the treatment or any changes. Hence, the major steps should be taken by the patient and the doctor to find the methods of getting rid from OCD disorder.

In this OCD series, we will see different types, symptoms, habits, experiences, daily routine life, and how it affects other members of family/friends.


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