Objectionable Age

“I strive to look better
nevertheless fail to follow own plan,
toiling my way to carry the freshness
merely cringe rather than smile.

Staring myself often in the mirror
looking through other’s perception
nothing but disheartening myself,
let the mirrors be shunned away.

Too young for someone,
too old for someone else,
nature’s dilemmatic time
let’s me bow to fate anyway.

Swinging from the child in me
to the crazy teen spirit
a see-saw mood that goes up and down
accepting the ebb and flow
of a tough row to hoe.

By putting an end to the memories of past
staying away from the regrets of past
bringing an end to the reversal count
unwillingly counting on the last days

You can embrace your age gracefully
but the community will always make you
feel embarrassed ungraciously.

Time is not a game
to claim back ever.
No one can be as clever
to beat the time ever.
Once lost, is lost forever.
– Shubhi Patil(www.thepsychologicalworld.com)”

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