Nugatory Apology

When someone hurts you intentionally,
But, you never receive an apology.

When someone hurts you uninentionally,
You cannot even except an apology.

When the word sorry becomes a consitent recurrence,
But, the behavioral change is a hopeless nonoccurrence.

When the blames are made publically,
but sorry is unreachable even privately.

When the egoism never roars sorry
Thereby, perturbing the altruism.

When the sorry word sounds sweeter for the little mistakes,
The same sorry word turns nugatory for an unforgivable mistakes.

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  1. You are right…. Sorry is not a license to hurt other’s feelings repeatedly….

  2. Beautiful. I love that this is educational and prose at the same time. Sorry is something I’ve struggled with in the past, saying and accepting.

  3. The worst is when someone continually says sorry and you become numb to it because nothing changes.

  4. Part of the Bucket List Project is an entire section that encompasses Making Amends. I understand your point of how those words, “I am sorry” may seem nugatory as you put it but I hope that my intentions don’t ever seem invalid or pointless. I guess sometimes you hurt people you care about, but I truly believe you have to try to make amends.

  5. A lot of definition of sorry but always learns your mistake after you say sorry for you to grow as a person great perspective.

  6. Beautiful prose, and I get what you’re saying. If someone keeps doing the same things over and over again, the apology doesn’t mean much.

  7. lbosworth says:

    It’s true that we don’t always receive a “sorry” for all of the hurtful actions against us. Best to just let go of the anger and resentment for your own good health.

  8. This is a reason why I sometimes consider the word “sorry” as empty. When it becomes a consistent recurrence, it loses its value.

  9. I fail to understand why is there need to hurt someone intentionally. I prefer staying away from people who trouble me. A simple way to lead a healthy life to cut all negative elements around yourself.

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