Not all men are men !

Not all men are men

Often all of us, either use or come across the phrase, “Men are Men”.  This is misinterpreted by many people that all men are the same.

Men are Men

 Do we all believe that all men are the same? Perhaps, no, it cannot be true.
Well, do not misunderstand the title. “Not all Men are Men”  does not imply that some of them are gay. It has nothing to do with gender discrimination. We are going to solely anchor it on the better men around us.

Men are animals

Men are animals.

We have heard the line,” Men are animals.” Why does one use this statement? What made us believe it?
Even the normal day for the women is not easy to pass by without the thoughts. The thoughts of how much safe, she is with the men she faces for the day. Irrespective of the age, women have to be aware and alert of the men walking around her.  We don’t know when women will feel safe throughout the world. Until then, we have to be alert, but let’s not blame the ones who don’t deserve it.


She is an Apple.

We know this saying, ‘When women enter the office, she is an apple for all the hungry men. Every man would plan of flirting with her.‘ Are we using the right word “every man“? Some won’t be interested in you or may not even have any evil thought of hurting you in any way.  In a similar way, wherever we go, we find many such incidences. It is indeed disappointing to come across such men. I myself have faced plenty of situations from childhood to the working place, enough to give trauma times. We cannot safely use any public transport service. We undergo so many things and we hear the stories of victims in the news. We hear the stories in our own circle of families or friends.



I think sometimes we need to take breaks from these negative thoughts. We need to put some relief on ourselves. Statistics! Look at the statistics. The number of population versus the number of bad events happened & created by men. The number of men troubled you in public transport versus the one who did not. The number of men working with you who behaved friendly and good with you. The reverse case is that men are now facing sexual assault in the corporate world. I won’t deny the reality, that we cannot just simply think in this way and avoid the real negative things happening around.  At the same time, I do think we cannot change the world instantly, but we can appreciate the good men who have made us feel safe. We can be thankful to the ones who has protected us whenever required.


As much as we read the stories and hear the violent behavior of men in the newspaper and media, we tend to believe men are a highly domestic violent creature.  I won’t say no for it. But, let’s look at the other side.  When we look at the statistics from the rural areas to the urban ones, we see the ratio is not stagnant. While due to cultural conflicts, women tend to go through domestic violence, very rare cases of men also face the same from women. On the other hand, chances of a financially unstable man falling under any standard of a living category have to go through domestic violence too.  Psychologically speaking,  there is a possibility for men to deal with dominating and manipulating partner behavior. This type of behavior affects men’s mental health.  With no gender discrimination, yes, even men are more prone to depression.

Men don't have culinary skills

Men don’t have culinary skills.

Men don’t have culinary skills. Well, in the 20th century, we cannot agree with this anymore. Even in ancient history some of the men were good at cooking. In today’s time, quite a good number of men are exploring cooking skills. They are capable of taking care of their babies efficiently. They are capable of taking their wife and manage the home. They can manage job and family well. They contribute to their wife’s work by giving her less stress. Like single mothers, even single fathers are bringing up their children well. It will take time for Orthodox families to teach basic skills to their son and men.  In the narrow-minded family, we can see that both men and women may not know cooking and managing home. Some are responsible and some are not. Some may develop skills over a period of time and circumstances.

Appreciate the men who deserves it

Some people who know me closely may have tagged me as a feminist or rather a girl who supports only women power. But, that’s not the fact. I support all kinds of victims. I believe everyone should do the same. Irrespective of gender difference, we need to appreciate the ones who make us feel safe. We need to respect the ones who are doing things right. We need to support the ones, who deserve it well.

We don’t have to wait for Men’s day to thank them 🙂

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    1. Blair Villanueva says:

      This I super agree with you Go go. It takes a lot to become a gentleman.

  1. I believe it is not a question of men or women, but being good human, rising above the gender differentiation.

  2. In fact, I love doing the chores and cooking as well as a little of gardening. Therapeutic!

  3. An absolutely interesting analysis, true and courageous to share.

  4. Men are men but not all are the same, yes some may be similar but others are totally different we should appreciate them more.

  5. I know not all men are the same. There are some men who were raised correctly and know how to behave properly. But there are also asshole men, just like there are asshole women. My husband is a good man, thank goodness, but he can’t cook, ha.

  6. Aishwarya Shenolikar says:

    For the first time, I have read a post in favour of men. I suppose we do blame all men because of our experience of a few bad ones. Keeping an open mind is so crucial at all times !

  7. my man knows how to cook and clean and take care of his family and is a manly man, not sure where some of these are coming from from my experience… owell

  8. Michael David Oyco says:

    Well this one is kind of a situational basis. Many factors affect them but I think you are talking about a specific standard? Am I right?

  9. Great food for thought. I did not really understand where the statistics chart came from but I kinda understand what point you were trying to make. Of course not all men are the same and I think those sayings are very antiquated and will eventually die off with the generation that created them. However, those terms and thoughts are also subjective.. Either way, I think this new generation is a lot more cautious about gender roles and gender equality.

    XO Andie

  10. bmcharnley says:

    Hmmm…yeah true, it’s not fair to blame all men. I haven’t heard of a few of those sayings before… I pray that one day if I ever have a son that he is valued and viewed as a man of honor.

  11. I so agree and I believe too that men are so different now. They are more involved in the house just like my hubby and his only brother. Men deserve great appreciation too.

  12. Not all men are the same. I know many respectful men who can take care of kids just like a woman and who can cook better. It’s easy for women to pull a hate card because one man may have not been up to their standards.

  13. Stereotypes can be so damaging. I personally do not like judging a person or a group of people based on stereotypical beliefs because there is no group of people that all think, believe and act the same. I totally agree that we should support the ones that deserve it!

  14. Thankfully the men I surround myself with are true men, kind, caring, helping. Everything I expect they should be and do not give them an excuse not to be.

  15. I think this is awesome. I personally have been posting about women’s rights and women related topics and it is quite refreshing to see a post about men!

  16. I super love the article and I can’t agree more with you, not all men are men. We tend to stereotype and label people and gender and that is not correct, far from it.

  17. Never expected this kind of detailed info in a blog. This must have taken you long to write this blog. Thanks.

  18. Such a deep thought We so often generalize a statement.

  19. Not all men are the same. it is important to value and appreciate the ones that behave respectfully to all 🙂 well done and thank you for sharing such a thought-provoking post

  20. This article just made my day. It’s great to get some appreciation. Not all men are bad. It’s a shame that the few bad apples leaves such a bad impression on all of us. Great article I’m definitely sharing!

  21. Hello,
    I do agree we should definitely appreciate the good men in the world! Thankfully there still are some good men! However I do agree all men aren’t men!

  22. Alexandra Cook says:

    I do feel blessed to have found a real man. He is my rock and I would not do without him!

  23. Chelle Dizon says:

    It really depends in each and every person on what they are and Gender don’t have anything to do
    with it. Even women can be a gentleman. You have a really great point there.

  24. GladysNava says:

    Such a nice article to read! This a good topic that I’ve seen and I love more about this. Thanks for this blog.

  25. Bindu Thomas says:

    Its such a very nice article to read! Thankfully there still are some good men! However I do agree all men aren’t men!

  26. Of course not all men are the same. Lumping everyone into the same category is ignorant and lazy. It is much better to get to know someone before you judge them. Although sadly, it is often those doing the bad things that make the most noise and get the most notice.

  27. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    I think we generalize it and say not all people are actually people. It is sad we have to face such unpleasantness in our lives,

  28. Interesting look at men… I think that if more men were raised as gentlemen then we’d be a bit better off!

  29. I’m ok with not discriminating or taking care of those who have been abused. But I also don’t like to look at a class of people and say all they have before them is abuse. As you said, no person fits neatly into a category.

  30. I feel like laughing. She’s an apple? I can imagine of that. Anyway, it’s nice that actually, the men of these days are such masters in the kitchen. I think that’s good enough

  31. Just like we can’t say that each women is the same as each other it is the same with men. We cannot generalise them and paint them over with a generic brush. There are many gendered stereotypes that exist today and we must do our best to refute them. Yes some perpetuators of violence can be male but equally some offenders are female too.

    1. Enriqueta Lemoine says:

      Love the statistics part! But I disagree with the culinary thing. Best cooks are men! LOL

  32. I agree that we of course cannot generalize all men. However we can still look at our world today and see that women are not equal. I think it’s good to thank the good men in our lives and still work to change the problems.

  33. Yes, we cannot generalise men. Neither all men are good nor all men r bad. As a counsellor I can say this because I have faced it but I completely agree with the point that a lady is an apple of eye.

  34. I had a few good laughs with this one, and some I must agree with! Some men, nonetheless, do differ. There really is a bearing when it comes to how a person has been nurtured during his younger years, and that will be passed on as he becomes an adult.

  35. This is a great post. You brought some interesting perspectives to light.

  36. Men are men based on chromosomes. Genetics play a role in some behaviors and then the environment the men were raised in plays a role in how they carry themselves. We can’t stereotype all men but we do have to keep our eyes open to protect ourselves.

  37. Society has been evolving, so I would say.. not all people are human. Lol By saying that I mean, not all people are nice or know how to treat others with respect. I think, as a society, we’re slowly learning to not generalize genders or races. Great post 🙂

  38. In this conversation I agree with GiGi Eats Celebrities that not all men are gentlemen and they have a different behavior. Great post.

  39. It is important to rise above the gender and judge a person by his/her personality keeping aside preconceived notions.

  40. I agree with this. There are as many different types of men in this world as there are women, and we should learn to understand and appreciate all these differences.

  41. Blair Villanueva says:

    Each men are different. However, all of them needs guidance and a little training.

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