Fresh exuberant greenery at one side,
The barren land on another side,
Walking between the head & tail
of the rhetorical world,
The soul stays neutral.

No thrill no grief,
to the vicious past,
to the awful nightmares,
Í choose to erase you.

The journey of anguish and anger,
Unwanted depression ,
breaking self into unfixable pieces,
now saying the goodbyes
with the sagacious transformations.

Because I made the choice,
the choice to rejuvenate with nirvana!

Process of no hurting thoughts,
Lightness of no deep emotions,
Ignorance towards treacheries,
No apology expected,
No chase for respect,
No curiosity for karma’s play,
Perhaps, karma never existed!!

Moving on the aisle of good vibes,
Breathing once again to the new beginnings,
Universe surprises me
by reconnecting to the best souls
Reminding me of myself,
Have come far away
Closer to you Nirvana
I bow to you
-the ultimate peace!!!
<3 <3 <3

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