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I have never written any review for movies on my blog. This time, I watched “Natsamrat” a spectacular movie and I could not resist writing about it. This movie is done in the Marathi Language.
If you type “Natsamrat movie” in the google search , at the right side of the page you will see the description as,”After retirement, Ganpat Belwalkar, a Shakespearean actor, divides his property amongst his two children. However, their ungratefulness leaves Ganpat and his wife homeless during their old age.”
The description can make us feel that this is another emotional family story and we already can understand what this movie is all about & hence we may not even bother to watch it. But,the real movie has got something else and it’s more than the description as well as the focus of the movie is  on the one personality ,”Ganpat Belwalkar’s Life on Stage”
“Natsamrat” means the Emperor of Theater or of Acting. The main role in the movie is played by the great actor “Nana Patekar”. The film is about a renowned Shakespearean actor, Ganpat Ramchandra Belwalkar.  Originally, the movie was inspired by theatre stage played by Dr.Shreeram Lagoo. This film shows the passion of acting,the love for stage and devotion of theatre actor towards  work.  It is amazing to see how the writer ,director & producer rather the whole team has worked immensely to show the film in 3 hours by compacting the movie in the best way of showing the detailed story. The timings allotted for each story and scenes are much appreciable.

Ganpat decides to retire by himself and gives all the properties to his children. Unfortunately ,the children treat him ungrateful and he is left on the streets.
The film shows the bond of friendship for the whole life.It also depicts how one friend is always there for Ganpat in all the ups and downs of life but Ganpat is so engrossed in his different phases of life that for a while he forgets to be there for his friend in his sorrow days. Later on, Ganpat realizes his ignorance towards his friend  and they come back together as the true strong friendship never dies.
It also shows his friend is also a great actor but is unfortunate  to achieve the same level of success and they both know it.
The movie also teaches to say thanks to the people you love ,when they are alive. Once they die ,you may regret not telling them: how much you really loved them and wanted to appreciate for all the hard work & support you received from them.
It also shows the bond between husband and wife, the love that resides always and how they struggle to achieve their wishes.
It teaches not to do mistakes that can never be forgiven. Never hurt anyone’s self-respect.
Do not put blame on anyone without any proofs.
The way society has set up standards of manners and does not allow someone to live the way one wants to be.
The movie intensely shows different  forms of love & relationships ,the betrayals, the losses.Strangers are much helpful.Every bad person has got some good quality .
It shows the street life of people and how once the popular rich person is left with nothing.
It is terrible when past memories are haunting you by making you unable to move forward in future.Once the beautiful life ; is shattered into scrap.An actor plays different roles and forgets his/her own role in the real life. An actor knows to hide own sadness gracefully.

The camera & editing team has nicely worked on the clarity and color combination of the movie thereby making scenes more meaningful.The movie must be shown in other places too through subtitles.But ,after adding subtitles ,probably the meaning of translations may not remain the same.As some of the lines containing sense of humor or complicated great words belong to the origin of Marathi language may not have the same impact on after translating in other languages.As every language has got its own beauty of words.

We can see amazing inspirational dialogues throughout the movie.One of the dialogues ,when he(the lead role) loses almost everything ,he  says,”The world is a stage and he can stay anywhere and play his role.”

Nana Patekar had done a fabulous acting ,has given the right justice to the character. Meghna Manjrekar beautiful lady in real life carries the makeup of old woman and plays the character  in movie gracefully.Wish Nana Patekar had received National Award for this film as he truly deserves it.
If you have the passion for anything in life ,love acting or any form of art then do not miss watching this movie. As people say it is a treat for theater lovers 🙂
My rating for a complete mesmerizing NATSAMRAT  movie is  5/5.

Some of the dialogues :
“To be or not to be,
That is the Question
Jagava ki marava,Ha ekach sawaal aahe…”

“Pratishtha mahanje ek bhakad oza.
Kadhi yogyata nastana miltaa
Kadhi chuk nastana nighun jaataa..”

“Kuni, Ghar Deta Ka Re? Ghar?
Eka tufanala kuni ghar deta ka?
Ek toofan bhinti vaachun, Chhapra vaachun, Manasachya maye vachun, Devacha daye vachun, Dongra-dongrat hindta aahe.
Jithun kuni uthavnar naahi, Ashi jaga dhoondta aahe
Kuni, Ghar Deta Ka Re? Ghar?”

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